12 Bucket List Things You Need To Do For An Epic Trip In The Bahamas

Swim with pigs and explore a beach with pink sand.
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12 Bucket List Things You Need To Do For An Epic Trip In The Bahamas

Not even going to lie, The Bahamas is actually paradise on Earth. It's got anything and everything you could want in life: BEAUTIFUL views, clear turquoise water, fun adventures, and a whole lot more!

For most of us, though, visiting the Bahamas is a dream that can only come true once or twice in a lifetime. Which means that when the time to visit this utopia finally comes, we've got to make the most out of it!

So whether you're getting to the Bahamas by cruise or by plane, whether you're heading off to Eleuthera, Nassau, or anything in between, there are a few things you've absolutely got to knock off your adventure bucketlist! 

Go for a deep-cavern dive at the super famous (and beautiful!) Dean's Blue Hole

Truth, you absolutely cannot visit the Bahamas without taking the plunge at this super famous blue hole.

It's the second biggest saltwater blue hole in the whole world; the colour contrast isn't just visible from above, but you'll notice the water change even while you're swimming in it. It's a super deep dive (the whole thing is a 202-meter plunge!) but the beauty and the exhilaration is totally worth it. 

Head to Exuma's Pig Beach to swim and chill with some SERIOUSLY adorable animals

Basically, it should be on everyone's life bucketlist to swim in clear blue waters with pigs, whether or not you're heading to the Bahamas anytime soon.

But in case you are heading out to this magical Caribbean destination, make sure you make a pitstop in Exuma to visit their Pig Beach. Uninhabited, except for a population of friendly pigs, this spot is fun, Insta-worthy and an all-around awesome time!

If you dream in pink, make sure to get yourself to Harbour Town's Pink Sands Beach and roll around in the pink-tinted sand

Yes, you read that right. The sand at this Harbour Town beach is pink-hued because of a unique combination of corals and shells, so the beach is absolutely gorgeous and unlike anything else you'll see in the world.

Of course, the beach's other features are noteworthy, too! The water, for example? Clear, blue, warm and absolutely gorgeous. 

Check out Princess Cays, an exclusive and private port on the Bahamas' Eleuthera Island, for gorgeous views and snorkeling fun

Princess Cays is awesome because it's a port that's dedicated exclusively for cruise ships - meaning the beach is mainly exclusive to cruise guests. So if you were lucky enough to get to the Bahamas via cruise line, chances are very high you'll have this beautiful stretch of Elethuera Island all to yourselves!

You can do a whole bunch of things at this gorgeous port, including plunging into turquoise waters for a snorkelling adventure!

For a more "local experience", explore Rock Sound - a gorgeous town with beautiful beaches not too far away from Princess Cays

A short distance off from Princess Cays is the gorgeous town of Rock Sound, on Elethuera Island.

The beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and pastel-coloured homes are all more than worth a visit - and considering it's so close to Princess Cays, you'll be able to explore the town and hop back onto your cruise ship for a little fun in no time!

Grab your diving gear and head out to Andros Island, to discover the beautiful Andros Barrier Reef 

This beautiful, thriving reef is situated on Andros Island, a Bahamian archipelago. 

Not only can you plunge right in and discover this diverse and colourful reef for yourself, but on Andros Island, you can also book a resort that's dedicated exclusively to diving. So make sure you pack your diving gear before embarking on your Bahamas adventure! 

Head out to Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, and see gorgeous Bahamian vegetation in its natural habitat

Situated on Eleuthera Island, the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve is something every Bahamian visitor absolutely needs to check out.

Acres of garden and wetland are home to gorgeous views, 300 species of native plants and 65 species of birds, all designed to explore, discover, admire and appreciate by visitors, nature-enthusiasts and anyone looking stumble upon a hidden oasis of awesome in the Caribbean!

Hike Mount Alvernia on Cat Island, AKA the highest point in the Bahamas, and visit The Hermitage at the top

You might not instantly relate a trip to the Bahamas with a super fun hike up, but trust, the hike up Cat Island's Mount Alvernia is something you're absolutely going to want to do during your trip.

Mount Alvernia - AKA Como Hill - is the highest point in the Bahamas, at 206 feet above sea level. At the very top of the mountain is a beautiful medieval-style monastery/hermitage built in the late 1930s, rife for the exploration!

Get an immersive history lesson about the Bahamas at Fort Charlotte

If you're a history buff, or if you're a person who finds fascinating things exciting in general, then you absolutely need to get yourself to Fort Charlotte.

The Bahamas is steeped in tons of history, and Fort Charlotte does an excellent job of making you feel like you've stepped back in time. It's situated in Nassau and was constructed in the 1700s, and to this day is home to historical artifacts like cannons and things like underground tunnels and passages - which you can explore through guided tours!

And learn about the history of the brew with a tour of Bahamian Brewery

Sure, you might not have ventured to the Bahamas to take a brewery tour.

But you can't deny that it'll be fascinating AF, and probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, to find out how they brew their beer in the Caribbean. Plus the tour ends in a tasting room where you can sample six of their beers, so that's a huge win right there!

Get yourself to Blue Lagoon Island for a refreshing swim with some friendly dolphins

Swimming with dolphins might seem like the stereotypical Bahamas thing to do, but trust: there is no dolphin adventure like the one you'll take at Blue Lagoon Island.

Close to Nassau, this private island features deep blue waters, white sand and friendly AF dolphins, thanks to the 3-acre dolphin habitat operated by Dolphin Encounters. Cute dolphins and beautiful views? Yup. Bucketlist material. 

Hop over to Eleuthera Island and check out the Glass Window Bridge, where the Atlantic ocean meets the Caribbean

This geological formation is high key breathtaking. It's situated in Elethuera where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean finally meet, and honestly, it's absolutely a beauty to behold.

Plus, this natural wonder is easily accessible by car - since, you know, it's a bridge. You can either drive straight over it, or (safely!) get out and explore the bridge; and considering it's less than a two hour drive away from Elethuera's Princess Cays, so even if you're on a cruise and don't have tons of time to explore, you can totally visit this bucketlist destination!

Honestly though, no matter where you go in the Bahamas, you're in for a good time! The whole area is BEAUTIFUL, full of fun things to do and gorgeous things to see... so even if you complete this bucketlist, there'll be tons more fun things awaiting you!

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Contributive writer
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