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12 Hysterical Memes About Life In Canada That Are Sorry For Being Relatable

From shovelling the driveway to being stuck in second summer.

Life in Canada may not seem all that strange to the rest of the world, but to be honest, there are a lot of things about Canadian life that are completely unique. They're the kind of things that you would have to live in Canada to understand. Luckily, there are plenty of memes about Canada out there that can help anyone understand what living in Canada is really like.

Whether it's the Tim Hortons line up, the massive amounts of snow in Ottawa, or all the ways to have fun in Calgary, there is no shortage of memes that offer an inside look into what Canadians go through every single day. There are people in other countries who think, "Living in Canada seems like it would be so magical and amazing!" The truth is, however, that life in Canada is not always a cakewalk (although Canadians don't like to complain about it too much).

If you don't live in Canada, and you really want to know a thing or two about what life is like in the Great White North, then look no further than these memes, which are pretty funny, but will make any Canadian say "true."

Where'd they go?

Sometimes it's been a long drive at night, and all you want is a Timmies coffee. However, even at the 24-hour locations, the service can be elusive.

Never get tired of tires

This is especially true if the tires happen to be attached to a black Ford F150 with a Canadian flag sticker on the window.

Your mom has a pair in the closet and you know it

She'll also be buying the next Olympic mittens that come out (and also the ones after those).

"We're not mad, just disappointed."

"Have you thought about maybe going to grad school? Or taking up a trade? A trade that isn't robbing?"

No thanks, Dad

Why can't you just buy a snowblower? Why are we still doing this?

You call that cold?!

Americans may complain about the cold they face in certain parts of their country, but they don't really know what cold is.

"I'm a ghostbuster."

So many Halloweens have come and gone where the only "costume" you're likely to see is a winter coat and snowpants.

Only when you're in university

Breakfast of champions, right?

This is more accurate than the Weather Network

Canada is actually firmly in second summer at the moment, and it is impossible to dress properly.

How else can you get to the OJ?

You have to put the emphasis on "sneak" or else you're not saying it properly.

That's real love

Of course, the mark of a great Canadian relationship is not even asking and just knowing what your partner wants already.

The only nutrition you need

Canadians take both of these on a regular basis.

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