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12 Of The Funniest Customer Complaints Found On Twitter

Twitter customer service is the best customer service.
12 Of The Funniest Customer Complaints Found On Twitter

Twitter is home to some pretty crazy content. Seriously from celebrity drama to companies going full savage on customers, there is always something new happening on the popular mobile app. 

Though a lot of the best content on the website isn't actually the memes or funny GIFs. Instead a lot of it is actually made by the users themselves with some of the funniest content consisting of some pretty hilarious interactions between Twitter users. 

Though if there is any kind of funny interaction that tends to always be the funniest, it's definitely the customer complaints you can find on Twitter- and the interactions get even funnier when the companies respond! So check out some of the funniest customer complaint interactions that have been found on Twitter in the past few years! 

1. Joe Santagato VS Taco Bell.

2. Tesco's infamous dog shampoo. 

3. #MadonnaProblems 

4. The Waterstones lockout.

5. Not so punny, Pringles. 

6. Linda from Tesco.

7. A really bad haircut. 

8. The "mugging" at the O2.

9. The real 'mile high club.' 

10. Tesco mobile. 

11. The O2 claps back. 

12. The ultimate LUSH fail. 

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