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12 GTA Mansions With Indoor Pools So You Never Have To Go Outside This Winter

Swimming doesn't have to be seasonal.
12 GTA Mansions With Indoor Pools So You Never Have To Go Outside This Winter

There's nothing more relaxing than dipping into a pool after a hot day or getting everyone together for an amazing pool party. Unfortunately in Canada, the pool season is really short, really only three to four months at best. However, if you want to make summer last forever, then there are few Ontario houses with indoor pools on the market right now that you should definitely check out. 

Finding a house with a backyard pool is one thing, but finding one house, let alone 12 houses, with indoor pools in the GTA is really next level. And we're not talking about Toronto condos that have pools in the building, these are stand-alone houses with their own private pools. 

Unfortunately, there's a big catch. Houses that are luxurious enough to have an indoor pool often come with a luxury price tag. For example, the 12 houses on this range in price from $1.79 million to a whopping $6.49 million. However, when you consider the fact that smaller houses or even condos in Toronto or Vancouver can come with a million-dollar price tag, these prices don't seem so bad. 

So if you already hate the cooler weather in Ontario and dream about being able to swim all year round, these 12 mansions with indoor houses could be exactly what you're looking for. 

52 Mcguire Tr, Caledon

[image 5d98cdde77a9ca04d8391554]

List Price: $2,499,900

Caledon may be a bit far from Toronto but with an indoor pool and all the other luxuries this house has why would you ever want to leave anyway? Oh, also the indoor pool has its own waterfall.

1420 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga

[image 5d98cfa722198304ca6a76a5]

List Price: $6,499,850

As if the bright blue pool with an indoor lounge area wasn't enough this house also has an elevator so you won't have to walk up a bunch of stairs if your legs are sore from swimming. Being in Mississauga, it's also one of the closest ones to Toronto. However, it's also the most expensive.

33 Glenbourne Park Drive, Markham

[image 5d98d08922198304ca6a76b8]

List Price: $3,500,000

Another one that's not far from the city, this house not only has an indoor pool but also comes with a huge garage and gourmet kitchen. It's all sitting on over one acre of property.

16 Finesse Court, Richmond Hill

[image 5d98d14277a9ca04d839159d]

List price: $4,800,000

What's better than an indoor pool? An indoor hot tub to go with it. This house also has a sauna, wine cellar, and home theatre.

15 Shasta Dr, Vaughan

[image 5d98d22acabe7704c48953c8]

List Price: $2,488,000

You can enjoy the indoor pool and sauna at this place all year round but in the event, you're feeling brave enough to venture outside, they also have a hot tub in the backyard.

215 Dew Street, King

[image 5d98d3ab77a9ca04d83915bc]

List Price: $1,798,000

If you're looking for an indoor pool on a budget this house is your best shot. At "only" $1.79 million it still provides all the luxuries but at a fraction of the cost of some other houses.

26 William Andrew Avenue, Whitchurch-Stouffville

[image 5d98d461cabe7704c48953e3]

List price: $1,998,000

With all the floor to ceiling windows and even a skylight in the pool area, this house will make you feel like you're outside, without having to actually go outside. But if you do go outside, this house also has a tennis court and putting green on their sprawling property.

3373 Doane Rd, East Gwillimbury

[image 5d98d59922198304ca6a76f8]

List Price: $2,999,999

This indoor pool will give you major, luxury resort vibes. Not only is it massive, with a lounge area and hot tub, but the arches windows surrounding it make it feel like a tropical palace. This is also the ultimate party place since all your friends can stay in separate cottages on the property.

37 Sawmill Lane, Whitchurch-Stouffville

[image 5d98d75f77a9ca04d83915e9]

List price: $1,999,900

There's nothing cozier than rich, wood tones and this house is full of them. Inside and out, the wood panelling and detailing will make this house feel like a warm and cozy chalet crossed with a tropical resort.

2949 Concession 3 Rd, Uxbridge

[image 5d98d85ccabe7704c489540a]

List Price: $1,849,999

The pillars, white wales, and rounded edges in this massive indoor pool give off a definite Greek vibe, but you don't have to go all the way to Santorini, just to Uxbridge.

76 Silver Fox Place, Vaughan

[image 5d98d9c022198304ca6a7726]

List Price: $4,888,000

Another one at the high end of the spectrum, this house looks more like a private hotel from the outside. The pool also gives off major hotel vibes and lots of natural light!

61 William's Court, King

[image 5d98da2422198304ca6a7730]

List Price: $1,949,000

This futuristic house embraces super industrial vibes with the beams above the massive pool. While an indoor pool likely takes up a lot of energy, you can feel better about it at this house since it's decked out with solar panels.

One thing we've learned in all this, besides the fact that unless you have millions of dollars you're never going to have a private pool, is that if you want your very own indoor pool, be prepared to move away from the city.

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