We all love our friends. Some of them more than others. Everything they do or say affects us, and most of the time that is totally okay. These friends, we would do anything for. It's the kind of friends that over time we consider family. These friends tell you like it is, they don't hold back and are always ready to help you ctrl + alt + del any toxic people in your life.

The thing is, what if they are the ones that are toxic, but you don't see it? That's a hard thing to grasp on your own, but trust me we have all been there. We all have had at least one friend in our life that screams "toxic" and we don't see it till much much later.

Good news though. We have complied a list of facts and signs that allow you to see the toxic friendship that you're in. If you have a friend that exemplifies these qualities, you might need to reevaluate your friendship and cut them loose ASAP!

1. Negativity is radiating

Okay, we all can be negative at times, but this friend is ALWAYS negative. Any time you're with them, they will always be the debbie downer. They can't seem to find a silver lining to anything and usually make you feel like you're to blame.

2. Major friendship whiplash

This means the friendship is very inconsistent. They're hot and cold, they come and leave, they're happy with you and then sad- pretty much all over the place that you have a whiplash from all of it. Hence the term.

3. Relief upon departure

This one is pretty straight forward. Whenever you get together you're more happy to see them leave than you are to have them stay.

4. One-sidedness, yet clingy

You're in this friendship - but them? Not so much. You are there for them no matter what, when and where - no questions asked. You're the first person they call when they need someone, making them clingy because it is all the time. They want all your attention and get mad when it gets divided. But, when you need them in return they're "busy". *eye roll*

5. Tell-all Tasha

Friends share with other friends, that is a given. They are meant to be your secret locker of stories and news you don't want to share with the world. Sadly, this Tasha is like a tell-all book you didn't sign up for. This person will feel the need to tell just about anyone what you might have said.

6. Easily upset or angry with you

Were you late by 5 mins? Did you not text them back right away? Literally the smallest things will make this person upset with you. They will find whatever they can to hold against you for absolutely no reason at all.

7. Peer-pressure master

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This is the person who will go out of their way, to make you do things you are in no way comfortable doing. They will not hear you out, and will make you feel horrible until you give into their ways.

8. Physical and mental symptoms

Toxic friendships literally have symptoms. This person is around and you instantly feel sick, you have knots in your stomach, you feel stressed and are generally in a really bad place. When they leave you have a headache, are feeling uneasy and simply not yourself.

9. You're always wrong

When this friend is around, you are never right. Every time you speak, you are contradicted and shut down. Any idea of yours is stupid and any fact you may present is wrong. This friend is always in the right, and god forbid you challenge that.

10. Me me me me me

This friend thinks there is a halo around them, and the stars and moon and all the planets revolve around them. They put themselves first at all costs and hell will break lose if you challenge them. It is always about their wants and needs and never yours.

11. Always a taker, but never a giver

Master of all that requires taking. Whether it is attention, time, ear to listen- everything for them is up for grabs, and you let them get away with it. When it's time for them to return the favour, they are no where to be found. Ghost, gone into thin air.

12. Judgmental Judy

We want our friends to be on board with our choices, especially ones we are really happy about. You'll have the supporters- then steps in the toxic friend and instantly are judged. The choices you make are under the microscope for this person all the time- funny that they are there to watch your every move, but as pointed in the point above, aren't there when you actually need them.