While the soon-to-be Duchess is obviously excited to be married to her Prince Harry and become part of the royal family, there are few things that are slightly less exciting... like the many bizarre royal rules.

From when she can sleep to when she can eat, what she can wear for nail polish and what she can't, there's a rule for that.

While she's still enjoying a few of her freedoms now, as soon as she's officially married, there are going to be some rather odd rules she'll have to abide by. Here are 12 things that Meghan Markle won't be allowed to do when she joins the Royal family.

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1. Be able to take selfies.

According to Glamour, the first time Meghan went out in public with Prince Harry, she had to deny a fan's request for a selfie simply because "we're not allowed to take selfies," says Meghan. Sadly, we'll never get a picture with our beloved Rachel Zane ever again.

2. Or sign autographs for us.

Not only will our Rachel not be able to take selfies with us, she won't be allowed to sign her autograph either. This safety precaution is taken by the Royal family to avoid any incidences where their signature could potentially be forged. They are only allowed to sign legal documents, royal documents, and sometimes vistor's books.

3. Use any of her social media accounts.

If you've been following Meghan on social media, then you've probably noticed your feeds have been less and less from Meghan herself, and more and more from media outlets like, well...us. And now Meghan has completely deactivated all her social media accounts and has joined the Royal family's official Kensington Royals accounts.

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4. Get over lovey-dovey with her hubby in public.

Though there is no official rule that states that PDA is strictly prohibited amongst the Royals, Queen Elizabeth II kept it professional and has rarely ever been photographed with her hubby, Prince Philip, showing any PDA whatsoever. With that said, she set the tone for future royals to follow suit.

5. Have bridesmaids her own age.

Traditionally speaking, the bride's party at a royal wedding should only include children and pre-teens. Though Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II have both already broken this rule, guess we'll have to wait and see if Meghan follows the traditions.

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6. Get a fancy, colourful manicure.

According to StyleCaster, all members of the royal family are prohibited from wearing any non-neutral nail polish colours, as this is part of their dress code. I mean, I get it - chipped red nail polish is not a pretty sight. But with all the chic, nude polishes out there, I highly doubt Meghan would be too bummed about this.

7. Vote.

Once our Canadian babe is officially married to Prince Harry, she will become a U.K. citizen. But she won't get to vote like any U.K. citizen. The U.K. Parliament claims that is is "unconstitutional" for members of the monarch family to vote, and she also won't be allowed to express any opinions on political matters.

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8. Cross her legs when sitting.

Dubbed as "the Duchess slant", members of the royal family are only allowed to sit with their legs touching, side-by-side, with a slight tilt to the side. Crossing your legs is highly frowned upon.

9. Wear wedges.

According to a source from Vanity Fair, "The Queen isn’t a fan of wedged shoes. She really doesn’t like them and it’s well known among the women in the family." And as we all know, whatever the Queen doesn't like is a no-go. Goodbye, cute wedges.

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10. Eat as fast or slow as she likes.

According to the author of Modern Etiquette for a Better Life, Diane Gottsman, you may only begin your meals with the Queen does, and you must stop eating as soon as the Queen finishes. No extras for you, Meghan.

11. Sleep whenever she wants.

If Meghan happens to be staying over at the Queen's house, she is not allowed to go to bed before the Queen does. So if she's a late night owl, you have to be too.

12. Never be allowed to play another game of Monopoly ever again.

According to The Telegraph, Prince Andrew revealed that Monopoly is forbidden in the royal household simply because "it gets too vicious." Guess the royals are just like us.