Hook up culture has become the norm in today's day and age, and whether you are here for it or not, it's only realistic to accept that it is a part of today's dating world. If you are someone who is or is looking to casually hook up with someone, there are definitely some things you should keep in mind before you take the plunge. 

1. Make sure you are a casual hookup type of person. 

This first way to not fall for him is to make sure you aren't the kind of person that gets attached too easily, if you are don't worry it's completely normal but you definitely shouldn't consider casual hook ups.

2. Learn how to spot a good hook up buddy. 

You've got to make sure you are picking the right kind of person to hook up with, and by that I mean choose someone who a) isn't an ass and b) doesn't get attached easily.

3. Set ground rules. 

Ground rules sound lame but they're important, and by this I don't mean you have to sit there and write a list. At least just vocalize what you both want out of it and your limitations in your relationship partnership(?)

4. Don't fall into a regular routine.

This is super important, falling into a regular routine is going to not only give you something to miss if the whole thing falls through, but it's going to make you more susceptible to catching feelings.

5. Have backups. 

A great way to make sure you don't catch feelings for one guy is to see more than just that one guy. Don't get me wrong you don't have to be seeing a massive roster or men to not catch feelings for your casual hook up, but don't let yourself fall into tendencies you would do if you were in an exclusive relationship!

6. Don't give him too many details. 

Seriously, less is more and considering you will probably only be engaging in pillow talk it's important to not over-share or let them in on private things that you value.

7. Don't string him along. 

Make sure he is just as aware that you want to casually hook up as you would want a guy to tell you if it were the other way around. It'll make it a lot easier for the both of you.

8. Don't pick up his hobbies or interests. 

I promise you that taking an interest in his favourite sports team and memorizing the entire roster of players is not going to end well for you.

9. Know when you are catching feelings and recognize it. 

If you do end up catching feelings, don't worry it's completely normal. From that point though you need to make sure you address it either with yourself or your partner because you do not want to be hoping for something more than a casual hook up with a guy who only sees you as a casual hook up.

10. Be fair to the other person involved. 

If he's the one who catches feelings and wants to either pursue you or end it, respect that! Guys have feelings too and casual hook ups can be just as emotionally complicated for them as they can be for girls.

11. Avoid doing "couple-y" things. 

I'm not saying you guys are only allowed to interact where there's a bed within a 2-km radius but I definitely wouldn't say that the Christmas Market at Distillery is a good place to hangout with him.

12.  Only stick with it if it's fun! 

Whether it started out as fun and has gotten boring or you just have realized you aren't a casual hook up kind of person, only keep doing it if you are enjoying it!