13 Reasons To Date A Caribbean Girl At Least Once In Your Life

Get a taste of the tropics.
13 Reasons To Date A Caribbean Girl At Least Once In Your Life

Caribbean girls combine a world of skills into the package of one beautiful being. We come from the culture of carnival and pure fun, so if you're looking for good vibes, we got your back! Here are just a handful of reasons as to why you should at least date one once in your life:

1. We'll cook you some of the most delicious food of your life!

No seriously. The Caribbean is home to some of the finest dishes including curry and roti dishes, rice and peas, jerk chicken, macaroni pie and more. Many of our mothers started us in the kitchen at a young age, so expect your mouth to water!

2. Partying is basically our culture.

We come from the land of carnival. Each island and country has their own version of carnival, like Trinidad carnival and Barbados' cropover. We know how to party for days on end straight, so it's not a relationship for the weak!

3. Move aside twerking, we'll show you how we really know to move!

Caribbean girls know how to whine! It comes naturally to us, and we aren't afraid to teach you a thing or two about it (hehe).

4. We are all about home remedies.

Since we were young, our parents taught us how to use natural products and remedies to help with any problems or ailments. So if you get sick, you have a well-versed nurse by your side!

5. We are very involved in our families.

We are family girls! We love being around children and taking care of our parents. So be prepared to be introduced to our large families including close to 70 cousins!

6. We come from the region of some of the finest rum.

Some of the finest rum comes from the Caribbean, like El Dorado rum from Guyana. That's some of the best rum you'll ever try, probably over a drink with our parents.

7. Our golden complexions are all natural.

No need for tanning lotion or tanning beds! Our sun-kissed glow sparkles throughout the year.

8. We look super hot in our carnival costumes.

Whether it's Trinidad carnival, Barbados cropover or Toronto's Caribana, we slay in our costumes, called mas outfits. Rihanna is an accurate example!

9. We always have good music to share.

The culture of the Caribbean is rich in different genres of music like reggae, calypso, dancehall and soca to name just a few. Our music collections are as huge as our hearts!

10. We take pride in our independence.

Caribbean women are grown to be independent women. So yes, as much as you'd add value into our life, we have no problem with moving on and doing our own thing.

11. We will teach you Caribbean slang.

With so many different slang terms coming from different countries in the Caribbean, it's basically like learning a whole new language. But hey, at least now you can understand what Popcaan is saying on that verse from a Drake song.

12. We will bring warmth into your life, even in the winter.

Since we are island babies, we like to steer clear from the cold. That means we are always keeping warm so if you ever need warm cuddles we are here for you!

13. You'll want to go vacationing in the islands with her. 

After getting to know her beautiful soul, you'll want to see where exactly she originated from. There's no better way of doing so than going back to the Caribbean so that she'll make you fall in love with her country, almost as much as you fell for her.

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