When a new season of your favorite show hits Netflix Canada most people use the stop, drop, and binge method. It usually results in you watching the whole season in one sitting, but season 3 of 13 Reason Why just premiered on Netflix and it's not exactly getting a traditional response. Instead, people are questioning why 13 Reasons Why needed a season 3 in the first place. People don't know why they're still watching 13 Reasons Why

Season 3 picks up with the investigation into Bryce's death and the introduction of a new character, Ani. But neither could convince Twitter that a season 3 was a good idea. One Twitter user tweeted, "I need 13 reasons why there's a season 3 of this shit." 

Some are even calling the entire season "unnecessary."

Others are just hoping they don't go on to film a season 4: 

While people are being brutally honest about their thoughts on the new season, it doesn't seem like they'll stop watching anytime soon. Other Twitter users are admitting that no matter how "unnecessary" each season becomes, they can't help themselves from being glued to their screens. 

One Netflix subscriber said, "as much as I'll complain about how stupid of a series 13 reasons why is, I'm still watching that shit because that's just how I am." 

People just can't help but love the show because of how bad it is. 

13 Reasons Why began to gain bad press back in season 1 when it was accused of being tactless in the way they addressed triggering topics like suicide and rape. While they've learned over the seasons to include triggering warnings, the glorification of mental health and sexual assault has gotten a little ridiculous. Netflix recently modified season 1 for these exact reasons. 

Hopefully, the creators of the show will learn from their past mistakes. And since there is one last final season, hopefully, they make sure that people who love to hate-watch the show are getting proper triggering warnings and proper closure on these heavy topics.