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13 Things You Need To Know About Bachelor In Paradise Star Ashley Iaconetti

Bachelor reality star Ashley Iaconetti is officially engaged to Jared Haibon!

As you may have heard, Ashley Iaconetti just got engaged to her boyfriend, Jared Haibon. But the story isn't that simple. Both reality stars are famous for their on again/off again relationship on the series Bachelor In Paradise.

After many years of "just being friends", the happy couple finally revealed that they're dating! Fans were so excited to see that Ashley I. finally won over the guy of her dreams.

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In case you're not an expert on all things Bachelor then you'll find this article really helpful! Here are a bunch of things that you need to know about Bachelor in Paradise star Ashley I! 

1. Ashley is 30-years-old!

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2. She cries... a lot. 

Ashley became famous on the show because she was chronically "ugly cry" alllllll the time!

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3. Ashley and Jared are best friends.

Even though Ashley always wanted to be more than friends, Ashley and Jared had a close friendship before actually taking the next step. They still claim that they're best friends!

4. She is from Great Falls, Virginia.

5. She has a blog called Duchess Kimberly.

Her blog was originally called Duchess Kimberly but now it's been changed to "byashleyi". She writes about beauty, makeup, reality tv etc.

Is it a miracle or is it Maybelline? Thank goodness for brow threaders, dermatologists, and Sephora or maybe I'd still look like Isaac Hanson during the Mmmbop era. #waybackwednesday #puberty

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6. She's hilarious.

Ashley loves a good joke and she can definitely laugh at her self. She's constantly posting funny photos on Instagram.

7. She has a Media Arts and Design degree from James Madison University.

8. She also has a masters in Broadcasting and Digital Journalism from Syracuse University.

Yes, she's smart AF.

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9. Ashley was originally a contestant on Chris Soule's season of The Bachelor.

10. She has a sister named Lauren, that also appeared on Bachelor In Paradise.

11. She suffers from cystic acne.

Ashley has been vocal about her struggle with cystic acne. She makes a point to talk about it openly on her blog.

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12. She won The Bachelor Winter Games!

Ashley and Kevin Wendt were the first couple to ever win the Bachelor Winter Games.

13. She is happily engaged to Jared Haibon!

After many years of crying and heartbreak, she's finally engaged to the man of her dreams.