14 Boardwalk Trails In Ontario You Need To Add To Your Bucket List This Summer

The views will blow your mind!
14 Boardwalk Trails In Ontario You Need To Add To Your Bucket List This Summer
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After not seeing green grass and blooming flowers in months, it is time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. So what are you waiting for? It is time to plan some hikes with your friends this summer!

Ontario is filled with stunning landscapes you need to see! Even if you aren't a hiking enthusiast, boardwalk trails are perfect for everyone as they offer a flat well-maintained path for you to follow. Around Ontario, you can find boardwalk trails that will take you through fields of thousands of flowers, next to lakes, rapids and more.

To help you plan your next spring hike, here are 14 boardwalk trails in Ontario you need to add to your bucket list this spring:

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Point Pelee National Park

Leamington, Ontario

This gorgeous boardwalk trail will take you over a floating boardwalk through the marsh. The 1 km loop trail takes approximately 45 minutes to do, and you'll have the chance of seeing plenty of birds and turtles. Make sure to climb to the top of the lookout tower for a tremendous panoramic view of the marsh and surrounding forest.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Tobermory, Ontario

This spring you need to try Cyprus Lake Trail in the beautiful Bruce Peninsula National Park. The 5 km looped trail is mostly all boardwalk and will take you next to wildflowers and to Cyprus Lake.

Sifton Bog

London, Ontario

For a short stroll head to Sifton Bog trail which is a 1 km trail over a wooden walkway through the forest that leads to a lookout over the bog. The highly popular trail can get rather busy, so to avoid the crowds visit early in the morning to enjoy the peaceful setting. You can also bring your dog with you on this trail if they are on a leash.

Crawford Lake

Milton, Ontario

You are sure to enjoy the views on Crawford Lake Boardwalk Loop Trail. The smooth 1.4 km loop trail will take you through a forest and all around Crawford Lake.

Presqu'ile Provincial Park

It is hard not to love Presqu'ile Provincial Park's Marsh Trail. The 1.2 km loop includes a boardwalk over the marsh and two viewing towers. The boardwalk section doesn't have any walls, allowing you to enjoy an unrestricted view of the stunning landscape.

Spruce Bog

Nipissing, Ontario

Located in Algonquin Provincial Park, Spruce Bog Boardwalk is a 1.4 km looped boardwalk trail. The hiking trail is suitable for all skill levels as it is super flat, and one of the easiest trails in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Canopy Boardwalk

Haliburton, Ontario

For the ultimate spring hike, you need to head to Haliburton. Here you'll find half a km long that is between 10 to 20 meters above the forest floor. It is the longest suspended boardwalk in the world!

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Purdon Conservation Area

Flower lovers, this is the boardwalk trail for you! The boardwalk trail in Purdon Conservation Area is stunning, as you will walk through fields of more than 10,000 blooming lady slippers flowers, which is the largest orchid colony in all of Canada!

Bell Park Boardwalk

Sudbury, Ontario

For a relaxing morning walk explore the Bell Park Boardwalk in Sudbury. You won't need to wear your hiking attire for this super flat 2km trail, which is a favourite of locals because it takes you along the shoreline of Ramsey Lake.

Mer Bleue Bog

Ottawa, Ontario

For the picture-perfect spring day, head to Mer Bleue. It is the largest bog in Canada’s Capital Region and the second-largest bog in southern Ontario. Along the 1.2 km boardwalk, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape filled with rare plants, birds and other wildlife.

Waterfront Boardwalk Trail

Temiskaming Shores, Ontario

The Waterfront Boardwalk Trail is perfect for people looking for an easy hike. Located in downtown Temiskaming Shores the completely flat 2 km trail offers outstanding views of the beach and Lake Temiskaming.

Collingwood Boardwalk

Collingwood, Ontario

If you are short on time but want to get outdoors, the Collingwood Boardwalk trail would be perfect for you! It is only 0.5 km long, and the boardwalk will lead you through the wetlands to a beautiful lookout point.

Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Manotick, Ontario

Surprisingly this short boardwalk trail is never crowded, despite the beautiful views it offers. The Chapman Mills Trail is 1.5 km long, and the boardwalk will take you through forest and next to the water. Along the route, you can expect to see plenty of birds.

The White Water Walk 

Niagara Falls, Ontario

In Niagara Falls you need to do the White Water Walk. The unbelievable boardwalk trail will take you to a viewing platform where you can see Niagara River's white-water rapids that travel at 48 km/h. The entire route will take you about an hour and is well worth it to see the rapids up close.

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