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14 Canadian Instagrammers Who Will Give You Some Serious Wanderlust

Oh, Canada - full of stunning mountain ranges, rolling hills, towering cities, and beautiful people. It's no secret that our backyard is absolutely gorgeous, which makes it an easy target for aspiring photographers and Instagrammers.

Not only do we have some of the kindest, most polite, maple syrup loving people here, we also have some of the most talented. Photographers and videographers whose Instagrams will make your heart sing (and your bank account cry as you spontaneously book a flight across the country) are bountiful.

Although there is no list that can properly encapsulate them all, we've rounded up 14 of them who you absolutely NEED to follow asap.

@matt.snellembedded via


Type: Canadian Landscapes

Based in the Canadian Rockies, Matt captures some of the most awe-inspiring landscape photos you've ever seen. He's especially talented at night time photography!

@christopher_the_pigembedded via


Type: Canadian Adventure Pig

This pig leads a more exciting life than I do. Christopher travels all over Canada, capturing hearts and photos along the way. He's also the star of that viral video licking hot chocolate in Whistler!

@anniepwanderlustembedded via


Type: World Travel

With a home base in Calgary, Annie travels all over the world snapping bright and uplifting photos with some amazing scenery. She also is an incredible pianist on YouTube!

@mattscobelembedded via


Type: Canadian Landscapes

Based in the Canadian Rockies, Matt captures mountains in the most magical way. His night photography of the stars is absolutely stunning. He also conducts tours and seminars on how to shoot like a pro!

@joelkfullerembedded via


Type: Canadian & World Travel, Illustration

From photography, to film, to illustrations - all of which showcase the world in all of its glory - Joel is the jack of all trades. He travels around Canada and beyond to bring the best sights and sounds to his followers.

@adogcalleddenverembedded via


Type: Canadian Adventure Dog

Does your feed need a cute adventure dog in it? Meet Denver, an Alaskan Husky Malamute based in Squamish, BC who is probably the cutest thing you've ever seen. He's also photogenic AF.

@mddyelrckembedded via


Type: Canadian Lifestyle & Landscapes

Maddy is an avid hiker and lover of lakes. If the mountains weren't calling your name before, they will be after you check out her profile. Every photo looks like it's taken straight out of a magazine!

@supendraembedded via


Type: World Travel Promoting Toronto

A proud Torontonian, Supendra travels Canada and the world promoting the 6ix and all of it's sports teams too. He's a prime example of someone who is proud of his country and seeks to share it with the world!

@braybraywoowooembedded via


Type: World Travel

Brayden "TheRockJohnson" Hall is a world traveller extraordinaire who knows how to capture that one perfect shot.. except he does it every single time. His profile is wanderlust central for sure.

@deshootsembedded via


Type: Canadian & World Travel

Co-founder of Chasing Sunrise, Julian can be found at the top of a mountain, skateboarding epic roadways, or hanging out in a cozy cabin. This is definitely a must-follow.

@whereisbea_embedded via


Type: World Travel

Follow Bea as she travels all over the globe and try to guess where she is or where she's going next! She leads the life we all wish we could - exploring the world and putting out some great puns and dad jokes.

@emmett_sparlingembedded via


Type: World Travel

Emmett captures some of the most breathtaking photos you've ever seen as he hops across from country to country. He also snaps some adorable wildlife photos!

@nathanielatakoraembedded via


Type: Canadian Travel

Capturing his mountain lifestyle through the camera lens, Nathaniel's profile ranges from wildlife to landscapes. Each photo he posts is so unique and well crafted that you will spend forever just staring at them in all their glory!

@adammadrzykembedded via


Type: World Travel

With a home base in Toronto, Adam is a cinematographer who travels the world and captures some amazing photos along the way. Him and his gf are also the definition of #goals.