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14 Costco Canada Hacks You Didn't Know That Could Save You Even More Money

We won't say no to that!
14 Costco Canada Hacks That Could Save You Even More Money

In my family, our favourite outings always involve going to Costco in Canada for the money hacks (we also love Dollarama, but that's another — funny — story). 

I mean it's like going to a free buffet where everything is larger than life. There's nothing you can't find at Costco, plus, it's really cheap for what you get in return.

And if there's something that all Costco diehards have in common, it is, without a shadow of a doubt, their love for saving money. This article is dedicated to you, for you to discover amazing hacks and make the most of your membership card!

1. Insurance

When you have a Costco membership card, you can also subscribe to the medical and dental insurance plan for a very affordable price.

2. Free health exams

Through Costco's pharmacy department, you can usually get tested for diabetes and osteoporosis for free. However, I suggest you call to check the availability of these services at your nearest Costco before you head down.

3. Cheap glasses and lenses

In addition to offering eye exams (+/- $70), Costco also sells reading glasses and contact lenses for relatively affordable prices.

4. Cheaper prescriptions

In addition to being able to send your prescriptions to their pharmacy online, Costco generally sells prescriptions for less than their competitors (and you don't always need a membership, depending on the store).

5. Free installations

When you buy big items for your homes like a counter or doors, Costco offers free installation services (take note, IKEA).

6. Company logo

If you're launching a new company, you can get Costco to help you create a logo for a very reasonable price! They will pitch you about a dozen designs so you can choose your favourite. More info here.

7. Discounts on movie tickets

If you find that going to a movie is really expensive, Costco agrees and offers almost 25 percent off on select tickets. Sometimes, you could even get a 2-for-1 deal (usually with their gift cards).

8. Original party cakes

Rather than going to a pastry shop for your friend's next party, you should go to Costco! They offer great cakes for prices that will make you smile.

9. Printer ink

Whenever the ink in my printer runs out, I always seriously consider the possibility of buying a new printer, because it's much cheaper than buying the ink alone. At Costco, you can bring your old cartridges and they will fill them up. This could save you about 70 percent compared to regular prices.

10. Travel insurance

Costco also offers travel insurance. Several plans are available, and you can find the best one for your budget.

11. Auto insurance

If you didn't already know, Costco offers vehicle insurance services. To give you an idea, I just got a quote from Costco for $750, which is much cheaper than when I paid $1,100 last year (hell yeah!).

12. Wedding ring

A wedding ring usually goes for around $5,000. At Costco, some pretty ones are available for less than $1,000.

13. Membership card for less

If you don't have a Costco membership card yet, check on sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. If the card is available at a discount, you could save a lot!

14. Enjoy a cheap snack

In addition to samples, Costco has been offering a hot dog and a soft drink combo for just $1.50 for years!

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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