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Sometimes school is just too freaking hard. All those required courses for your Combined Honours in Mathematics or your Microbiology and Immunology degree... yeah, sometimes I'm guessing that your brain needs a break to keep your head from exploding.

Lucky for you, Dal's bird courses are here to save your sanity. Dalhousie University is full of courses that don't require you to work your ass off just to scrape up a passing grade. You can sit back, relax, and feel good about your own smarts in these courses. Not sure what they are? Don't worry, I've compiled a list for you. You're welcome.

1. MGMT 1601

This course requires you to "learn" about Electronic Information Management. AKA, how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

Taught by: Jennifer Grek Martin.

2. ANAT 1010

This online course is all about basic human anatomy. If you take it with a group of friends you can do all the quizzes together - which you get several stabs at. The final exam is just a bunch of multiple choice questions.

Taught by: Gary Allen.

3. GWST 2412

In this course you learn about human sexuality. And anyone who's ever been in the sixth grade has already learned this stuff or else has enough common sense to understand it.

Taught by: Matt Numer.

4. FILM 2360

Do you like watching movies? If so, then get up in this course. It's only once a week and all you do is study popular cinema.

Taught by: Shannon Brownlee.

5. CLAS 1100X/Y

This course is all about mythology. All of those fairytale-like stories you heard as a kid had to come from somewhere, right? In this course you get to study those familiar tales and you get to do it without a final exam.

Taught by: Peter O'Brien.

6. EMSP 2313

This course is about vampires. You literally talk about Edward Cullen in this class. Need I say more? Plus there's no final exam.

Taught by: Kathryn Morris.

7. EMSP 2320

Alright so vampires aren't your thing, what about witches? Maybe you're less of a Twilight guy and more of a Sabrina the Teenage Witch guy? Perfect, then this minimal work course is for you.

Taught by: Kathryn Morris.

8. GERM 1020X/Y

This is one of those "meets the writing requirement courses". Which means that your professor will give you an A just for being able to speak coherent English.

Taught by: Andrea Lorenz.

9. MUSC 2019

This is the history of Rock n' Roll. And rumour has it that you don't even need to show up, just read the material before tests.

Taught by: Stephen Baur.

10. MUSC 2007X/Y

Pair your rock n' roll knowledge with a little guitar knowledge. Anybody who has fingers can learn to play the basic chords taught in this class, and all of the out-of-class work can be half-assed or made up.

11. ENGL 1040

This course about popular culture is mega easy. As another writing requirement course basic skills will get you a top mark. The professor is also a super cool dude.

Taught by: Jason Haslam.

12. HPRO 2255

Learn about drugs. Then watch a lot of Narcos and become the next Pablo Escobar. Just kidding, don't do that. But your A+ grade will make you feel like him.

Taught by: S. Black.

13. GEOG 1060

Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, oh my. Little to no scientific skills are needed for this course. The class format involves a few discussion questions and your classic midterm/final exam - so not a lot of work in total.

Taught by: John Gosse.

14. CANA 2002

Ever since you were 13 people wanted you to care about Canadian history. Now you can, and the good news is that there's not even a lot of it to learn that hasn't already been thrust at you.

Taught by: B. Vautour.

Now go get dem A's!

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