14 Movies To Watch On Netflix Canada If You Have No Valentine’s Day Plans

Need a movie to watch on Valentine's Day? We got you!
14 Movies To Watch On Netflix Canada If You Have No Valentine’s Day Plans

Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about love, but sometimes, it can be more stressful than that. There is absolutely no rule that you have to have a significant other to celebrate Valentine's Day, let's just remember that. Whether you're out with your partner of 7 years, just got out of a relationship, or have been single for a while, you can still absolutely celebrate this day. There are so many movies to watch on Netflix Canada if you have no Valentine's Day plans!

If you have no plans for Valentine's Day, don't even worry. You do now. You can curl up in your bed or on your couch with some takeout or even a glass of wine, and sit back knowing you have no relationship drama. Now that's a plus. 

These movies on Netflix Canada range from all about love to the love you have with your girlfriends, to having absolutely nothing to do with love. You know, because sometimes you just don't want that. So here are 14 movies to watch on Netflix Canada if you have no Valentine's Day plans. 

He's Just Not That Into You

You know, I had to go with the classics. While this movie pulls at your heartstrings, it can also really get you thinking if you're waiting for that special someone to reach out to you. He's Just Not That Into You showcases a ton of different relationships and their trials, and navigates single people trying to find the one. It's a brilliant movie that I watch all the time.


Will Smith plays a dating coach in Hitch, and it's such a good movie. He helps out men who have no idea how to talk to women and realizes he may need help himself when it comes to a specific lady. If you need a good laugh, then you should totally watch Hitch.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Of course I was going to put in a movie all about friendship! That's love as well. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about four best friends who find a pair of jeans that happen to fit them all, even with different body types. They're all spending the summer apart, so they use the pants to keep them close. If you have no Valentine's Day plans and couldn't care less about the holiday, then this is the perfect movie for you.

The Sweetest Thing

I actually watched this movie last weekend with my roommate and we forgot how good it was. Cameron Diaz meets a guy at a bar who she is smitten with from the beginning and her best friend helps her find him even though they have to go through so many trials and tribulations to get to him. It really shows what your friends will go through to help you, especially when it comes to love.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser is basically a story about catfishing someone but in a cute way. It tells the story of Sierra Burgess, who unexpectedly becomes friends with a popular girl in school and together they catfish a boy. However, one of them starts to like him, and it gets real messy.

Sex and the City

Yes, another movie about your girlfriends! Because your friends get you and get you through everything. Sex and the City is an absolute classic, and the movie is hilarious, heartbreaking and will make you want to fall in love ASAP.

The Notebook

You may have forgotten that this movie was on Netflix Canada, but your life will not be the same once you remember. The Notebook can probably go down as one of the saddest and heartbreaking movies of all time, all while rooting for the two main characters to be together in the end. Nicholas Sparks definitely knew what he was doing with this one.

The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth is all about friendship as well but in a totally different way. A teen girl has a best guy friend and they've been inseparable since forever. She's a little bit unfamiliar with relationships, to the point where she hasn't been kissed. So when she falls for her best friends brother out of all people, it becomes pretty messy!

Julie & Julia

Every single time I watch Julie & Julia, I want to pursue every passion I have and then write a book about it. Julie & Julia is about a woman who gives herself a project: make every single recipe in Julia Child's book. Throughout the movie, you see her passion go up and down, but with a little help from her friends and husband. It's a really great movie to show you that you can really do anything.

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is a movie all about finding yourself after heartbreak. And on Valentine's Day, you may need that. In Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts character takes her heartbreak and goes on an adventure to Bali, India, and Italy and really comes out of it a different person.


Need to laugh so you won't cry? Bridesmaids is the absolute perfect movie for you then. I'm really not sure if a funnier movie exists. Bridesmaids is about a girl whose best friend just got engaged, and it takes you on the journey of friendship and jealousy all while being so hilarious.

Sleeping with Other People

Sleeping with Other People is such an underrated movie. It really shows that anything can happen. Two people who used to sleep together run into each other randomly after twelve years and decide to keep it going. Well, like always, that doesn't turn out to be the best idea.

The Call

Don't get it twisted, I know this movie has nothing to do with romance. Some people don't want to watch a romantic movie on Valentine's Day, and I feel you. The Call has 0 relationships in it, and it will have you on the edge of your seat. A 911 operator gets a call about a break-in which turns into a kidnapping, and the storyline is just so good that you'll forget about everything else in your life.

Nocturnal Animals

Spend your Valentine's Day with Jake Gyllenhaal... kind of. Nocturnal Animals is a completely different love story, and it's super unique. Nocturnal Animals is about a wife whose ex-husband sends her a script that somehow mirrors her past. It's a pretty confusing movie, but once you get to the end, you'll understand. It's definitely not your typical love story, but sometimes, we need that.

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