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15 Adventures To Go On In The Maritimes If You And Your Friends Are Secretly Grandmas

If you and your friends are the kinds of people that like to wake up and go to bed early, you may secretly be a Grandma trapped in the body of a 20-something. You may be all about staying in with a good book in your pj's on a Friday night, but sometimes you find yourself craving an adventure.

You may not need to go clubbing or do something wild and crazy to go on an adventure, but sometimes you gotta just get out of the house and do something fun! Below is a list of adventures for you and your fellow millennial elder friends to try out together.

Try out a cooking class

If you and your fellow grandmas are looking for some new recipes to add to the baking repertoire, why not plan a visit to The Table in New London, PEI to try out one of their cooking classes! 

Enjoy High Tea

Spend an afternoon with tea, finger sandwiches, sweets, and cake while enjoying high tea at The Rose & Kettle Tea Room in Cole Harbor, NS. 

Go camping in the Miramichi Tree Houses

This amazing form of camping in Miramichi, NB makes for the perfect weekend for you and your friends!

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Hike to Dickson Falls

Spend a day outside surrounded by nature, taking a leisurely stroll through Fundy National Park to Dickson Falls. 

Attend KnitEast

Grab some yarn and your best needles and spend a weekend in Saint-Andrews-By-The-Sea in New Brunswick at the Algonquin Resort! For one weekend in October, take some classes and knit some projects! 

Explore Fisherman's Cove

With only a short drive out of Halifax, this adorable little village is a great place to feel like you're far away from the city.

Attend a matinee show at the theatre

Until September 23rd, attend a matinee show at the Confederation Centre of the Arts and see Canada's longest running musical, Anne of Green Gables-The Musical. You can purchase tickets here.

Take a trip to IKEA

Finally arriving in the Maritimes this September, hop in the car and head over to Dartmouth Crossing to treat yourself to some new kitchen tools and other things for your home. 

Go to Bingo

At the St. Mary's Entertainment Centre in Fredericton, you can enjoy an evening of bingo at the largest bingo centre in Atlantic Canada. 

Take a tour of a winery

Visit the Rossignol Estate Winery in Murray River, PEI and take part in one of their wine tours and sample some of their award-winning wines. 

Paint some pottery

If you're in the mood for a good DIY project on a rainy day, head over to the DIY Studio inMoncton and paint some pottery!

Try out an escape room

If you're looking for something to do on a weekend instead of drinking or going clubbing, an escape room is a great way to have some fun on a Friday night. Check out Room Escape Atlantic in Dieppe and try to escape from one of their uniquely themed rooms!

Take a sewing class

Why not take up a new skill and head to Patch in Halifax's North End to learn how to sew! Check out the classes they offer to here!

Relax on Cavendish Beach

Pack a picnic, grab a great book and relax on the beach for an afternoon. If you're feeling bold, take a dip in the water or go explore Green Gables that is just around the corner!

Spend an afternoon on a Lazy River

Located just outside of Wolfville in the Annapolis Valley, tubing down the Gaspereau River is a great place to spend an afternoon relaxing and cooling off!

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