15 Mischievous Bison Got Loose In A Small Town & It's Just So Alberta (PHOTOS)

They escaped from their trailer while passing through town. 😂
15 Alberta Bison Got Loose In A Small Town & It's Just So Alberta (PHOTOS)

Another day, another animal running wild in Alberta. A pack of bison was seen running through a small town in Alberta early in the morning on Wednesday, February 19, by local residents. These Alberta bison escaped from their trailer on Tuesday evening and began roaming through the streets in the town of Hythe, which lies 48 kilometres northwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta. 

Everything GP explained that Beaverlodge RCMP first received alerts about the bison sightings on Tuesday night, with the first calls coming through at 6:45 p.m. 

Since then, the bison have been running around through town streets, on private property, and even at the gas station. 

We all know that Albertans love their animals, often excessively so. Though anyone would be startled to open their door in the morning see massive wild animals sprinting free in their backyard. 

One resident, Kelly-Ann Burgess, told CTV News that she spotted the bison on her property at 9:30 a.m. She explained that the bison were "causing the school bus to run late picking up a few of the last kids."

Everything GP also reported that the bison were able to break out of the trailer by maneuvering open one of the side doors.

The trailer was parked at a Husky gas station when the break-out occurred. 

Police are now urging residents to contact RCMP if they catch sight of the bison so that they can be safely returned to the owner.

The residents have been told not to approach the bison. Albertans are known to rescue cute animals from time to time, but it's best to look at these giants from afar. 

Amidst the incident, the Hythe Fire Department is taking to Facebook and ensuring that they are informing the public as best as they can about bison. 

They stated that the bison are "still at large as of noon today," and also shared that "bison tend not to herd very well," which is why these bison likely chose to leave their trailer last night. 

The post also explains that the bison are not local, as the trailer had merely stopped in town while passing through. 

The photos shared on Facebook can give you an idea of how close the bison were to some town residents. 

It remains to be seen how these bison will be recovered, but it's safe to say Hythe residents will watching their backs for big furry animals for the next few days.