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15 Most Cringe-worthy Beauty Trends Of 2017

The squiggle brow...BUT WHY THO?
15 Most Cringe-worthy Beauty Trends Of 2017

Trends come and go, but some should have never even started in the first place. From the squiggle brow to faux freckles, the year of 2017 has seen some pretty weird beauty trends and they don't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Now a little disclaimer before we continue, I'm using the term "trend" very loosely. We're not saying that these are looks that everyone's sporting...but we've definitely spotted them a few more times than we should've somewhere on the internet.

Without further ado, here are some of 2017's weirdest beauty trends so far...

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Faux Freckles

We're all for embracing natural beauty... but when did faux freckles become a thing? Cosmetic companies are even making "freckle pencils" and "freckle tattoos" so non-freckled faces can sport the look too. And people aren't just giving themselves regular old freckles but rainbow freckles and metallic freckles. Like what?!

Black Highlighter

What the actual eff. Don't get me wrong, I love Jeffree Star and his lip products are the freaking bomb. But what was he thinking when he came out with the "black highlighter"...BLACK AND HIGHLIGHT DON'T GO TOGETHER. STOP.

Silly Putty Highlighter

Okay, so apparently silly putty highlighters from Stila are really quite amazing. But I don't get the point. It's gimmicky and makes me feel like makeup companies are just running out of new ideas.

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Neon Eyeliner

Fun? Yes, okay I'll give it that. Practical? No. Neon makeup took the Youtube and Instagram beauty community by storm, but we're hoping this storm dies out sooner than later.

via @makeupisart_x

Floral Eye Makeup

Who thought that putting flowers on your eyes would ever be a good idea? Okay, I can't lie, this eye makeup look is freaking art and absolutely gorgeous. But the replicas of this look that I've seen on Insta, I can't exactly call art.

via @donatella_versace

Blocked Black Eyeshadow

You might not know it's a thing yet, but it will be. We love a good smokey eye...but this just looks dirty and unblended. Gigi Hadid walked down the Versace runway for Fall 2017 rocking a blocked black eyeshadow look. And other fashion houses like Osman, Marni, and Julien MacDonald have sported a similar strong black eye look on the runway. Just wait till it hits Instagram.

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Barbed Wire Brows

What started as a joke by makeup artist Athena Pagination has actually been replicated by a few other makeup artists and beauty gurus.

via @ayo_coralie

Squiggle Brow

WHERE THE EFF DID THIS TREND COME FROM?! If you've been keeping up to date, squiggly brows are taking over Instagram. Scratch that...not just squiggly brows, but squiggly EVERYTHING.

via @devine_muas

Carved Brows

So apparently there's a trend going around where makeup artists and beauty gurus are carving out their brows by using dark shadows to exaggerate them. Again, I'm so confused.

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Lip Appliques

Polka-dots on a dress are cute but on your lips...not so much. The pioneer of lip appliques actually started back in 2011, but recently has come to much popularity. As much as they are easy to use, doesn't it just take away the therapeutic ritual of applying lipstick? And apparently these appliques never fit your lip quite right and end up looking like a train-wreck.

via @wonderzine_mag

Lollipop Lips

We kid you not, the "lollipop lip" is a real trend. How you achieve the look is by literally smearing lipstick to the outer edges of your lips. We first spotted it on MAC's Insta and we don't know how to feel about it.

via @bangtsikitsiki

Geode Lips

A much more refined look in comparison to the lollipop lip is the geode lip. Personally, I think the look is actually incredibly beautiful, but it is also impractical and frankly, a bit weird to make your soft pout lips look rock hard. Literally.

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Glitter Roots

As fun as this hair trend is...we're gonna have to give it a thumbs-down. If you know anything about sparkles it's that it is probably the messiest thing ever and damn near impossible to get out. So you basically just have glittery dandruff for at least a week.

via @kimkardashian

The Wet Hair

Don't get me wrong, I love Kim. Especially after all her Youtube collabs, I love her even more! But this wet hair look is just...confusing. Has style become so lazy that it's now trendy to look like you just walked out of the shower?

via @ariba_pervaiz

Corset Braids

I can't deny, it does take some serious skills to corset braid your hair. But then again, why?

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