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15 Ridiculously Awesome Date Ideas For Fall That Are Cozy AF

Fall is my 2nd favourite F-word.
15 Ridiculously Awesome Date Ideas For Fall That Are Cozy AF

Just because the weather is cooling down doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy life as much as when it's summer. You just need to be a little more creative to get some additional warmth, which is perfect for a cozy date!

Whether you want to go crazy and get a bubble tent, floating hot tub, garden igloo, or hammock cacoon, there are also lots more low key date ideas that are just as awesome. Get your blankets ready and enjoy these 15 Ridiculously Awesome Date Ideas For Fall That Are Cozy AF.

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Garden Igloo

Totally feel like you're outside even though you're staying warm inside the cutest igloo of life.

Floating Hot Tub

Usually when you think of fall you don't think of going in the water, but this floating Hot Tub lets you still enjoy the water while staying warm.

Bubble Tent On The Beach

The Beach is always a super romantic date location but in the fall it can get chilly, especially with the wind. The Bubble Tent lets you enjoy the waves without being cold.

Collapsible Hot Tub

Warm up after a romantic hike in your own private hot tub. This Collapsible Hot Tub lets you relax and get warm anywhere.

Hammock Cacoon

Regular hammocks are awesome for summer, but these enclosed hammocks are perfect for fall. The Hammock Cacoon fits 2 adults, which is perfect for your date.

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Have The World's Largest Bowl Of Pho

Fall is definitely the best time to have soup, and there's nothing better than a nice big bowl of Pho. The only thing better is this MASSIVE bowl in Seattle, near Vancouver.

Hands-Free Umbrella

Don't like the rain get in the way of your romantic fall hike. Use this hands-free umbrella so you can hold hands no matter what the weather.

DIY Hot Tub

One of the best things to look forward to when it gets cold is going in the hot tub! They can be pricey though so just build your own!

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DIY Kiddie Pool Lounger

Buy a cheap kiddie pool and make your own cute couples lounger. If you already have a pool then it's free!

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes Over The Bonfire

A Bonfire is way more romantic than going to Tim's so just make your own PSLs or whatever your fave fall drink is.

DIY Backyard Canopy Fort

If you don't have cash for the Garden Igloo, you can still make a super cute backyard fort that will keep you warm on those chilly fall evenings.

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Blanket Fort On The Deck

Patio season maybe be over but if you bring out all your blankets outside than your good to go! Bring a laptop out and have a movie night.

Star Gazing In The Truck Bed

Be totally romantic and look up at the stars from the back of the truck. Fill it up with as many blankets, snacks, and enjoy the view.

Back of Car Bed

Park on the beach or up on a hill where you can get some great views. Make a bed out of the car and look out the back while being comfy and cozy.

Make A Leaf Bed

Those piles of leaves that fall brings is literally nature giving us a cozy bed for fall. Make a leaf bed or fort and have leaf fights!

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