Valentine's Day has come and gone but that doesn't mean that it's time to slack off on your relationship. After the Winter cozy season is when most couples tend to break up. Keep the romance alive and thriving by being the person in her life who discovers new places for her and is full of good ideas as to what to do on the weekend!

Whether your girlfriend loves being surprised with a French bakery she never knew about or she wants to be swept away on a BC getaway with you, there's a place on this list that's perfect for her. There are plenty of simple but lovely things on this list, too, proving that being romantic can be affordable for everyone. Something as simple as finding a new place for a latte or wandering through the forest to find the spectacular can make all the difference.

If you're looking to step your game up and bring your relationship some fun and excitement, here are 15 secret places in the province you should bring your girlfriend to this Spring.

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The Polly Fox

Where: Abbotsford

Gluten-free eaters will find their happy place at this spot in Abbotsford. The Polly Fox bakery and bistro makes 100% gluten and allergen-free baked goods so you can indulge without upsetting your stomach! They also serve up breakfast, lunch and brunch on the weekends. It's also just a great place to go for your morning coffee. Your girlfriend will love the Instagrammable marble-topped tables at this spot!

Cob Cottage

Where: Mayne Island

This Airbnb has been secretly on your girlfriend's bucket list probably for years! Imagine calling this story-book cottage home for a weekend. This would make an incredible getaway for two and you could explore more secret places on Mayne Island together.

Arion Therapeutic Farm

Where: Kelowna

If your girlfriend is a huge animal lover, then you need to bring her to this rescue farm ASAP! They even have a vegan cafe and Airbnb rentals if you want to spend a little more time with the adorable animals that call this farm home. This is a great place to bring your girlfriend if she's all about animals and that plant-based lifestyle. You'll meet horses, sheep, pigs and goats with big personalities!

Vallea Lumina

Where: Whistler

While we wouldn't ordinarily recommend taking your girlfriend into the woods late at night, this is one opportunity that you won't want to miss! Vallea Luminia is a unique 1.5 km walk through the woods and a mesmerizing multimedia experience. Lights and sounds transform an ordinary path through the woods into a magical experience straight out of the movies.

Tin Poppy Retro Retreat

Where: Salmon Arm

Treat your girlfriend to a glamping treat with retro-vibes! This Airbnb getaway is Other than the stylish retro look of the place, it's the wood-fired Finnish sauna that will really impress your girlfriend. This rural getaway is ideal for couples who want to get back to the simpler things without sacrificing comfort and style.

The Enchanted Forest

Where: Revelstoke

You have to bring your girlfriend here if she's all about Disney movies and fairytales! The two of you can see the largest treehouse in the province, climbing 50 feet up into the trees. There will be storybook figures and vignettes along the way. She'll love this truly magical place!

The Othello Tunnels

Where: Hope

For a unique hiking opportunity, take your girlfriend to Hope to check out the Othello tunnels! They are part of the out of commission Kettle Valley Railway that has been transformed into some of the coolest trails in BC. The engineer who designed these tunnels really loved Shakespeare so that's why they're called Otthello—you can also look out for station names like Romeo, Juliet and Lear! It's safe to visit the Othello tunnels after April 1st when the park opens for the season. It's an amazing trail to hike or bike and you get incredible views and scenic backdrops.

Heritage Asian Eatery

Where: Vancouver

If your girlfriend loves Asian comfort food, then she'll love checking out Heritage's new location on Broadway. They're serving up fluffy baos, bowls, dumplings and noodles. This casual place is perfect to check out with your girlfriend on a rainy Spring afternoon so you can fill up on comforting classics. You can even grab takeout and bring it home to catch up on your Netflix if you want to make a cozy night in feel even more special!

The Mallard Lounge

Where: Whistler

Treat your girlfriend to some of the best cocktails on the Sea to Sky. The Mallard Lounge in Whistler serves any cocktail smoked and they have a chocolate bar where you can pair your drink with chocolates. You can also try flights of your favourite spirits. It's a really nice place to take your girlfriend for a special occasion or if you just want to spoil her with pricey drinks!

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Where: Tofino

The most secret of secret places on this list is this incredible glamping retreat. It's so remote that you have to fly in! You'll be glamping in vintage vibes at this world-class eco-resort. It's the ultimate West Coast experience that your girlfriend would absolutely love!


Where: Richmond

Tsujiri is an all-matcha cafe that serves unbelievable desserts, drinks and savoury items. This is the ideal place for matcha-lovers! The bright green colour of matcha makes every menu item perfect for Instagram. The inside of the cafe is done up in traditional Japanese decor and it's really a sweet place to bring your girlfriend.

Elk Falls Suspension Bridge

Where: Campbell River

Elk Falls is one of the best suspension bridges in the province. Explore the network of forest trails nearby and experience the thrill of being suspended above a river. Plus, access to this spot is totally free!

The Salted Vine Kitchen + Bar

Where: Squamish

Right in downtown Squamish, this restaurant is one of the best places you could stop for dinner along the Sea to Sky. Whether you're taking your girlfriend to explore Squamish or you're hungry for dinner on the drive back home from Whistler, this is a great romantic spot to surprise your girlfriend with dinner.

Watermark Beach Resort

Where: Osoyoos

Osoyoos is one of the most adorable spots in the Okanogan! Treat your girlfriend to a weekend getaway to Watermark Resort where you guys can swim in the pool, walk along the lake, rent bikes and check out local fruit orchards and wineries. It's the perfect base for exploring Osoyoos and it's so comfortable that you don't even have to leave your room for a great mini-vacation.

The Bench Bakehouse

@thebenchbakehouseembedded via

Where: Vancouver

Tucked inside Il Mercato on Commercial Drive, this bakery has authentic French bread for hard-core carb lovers. If your girlfriend fantasizes about fresh baguettes and lives for French pastry, then you have to take her here to pick out a few goodies.

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