If you suck at flirting, the dating game has probably always been pretty annoying for you. Though now with Snapchat/Instagram/online dating in the mix, it seems that things have gotten even worse. From awkwardly blurting out something random to straight up offending the guy you like, if you are terrible at flirting you are probably going to know all of these 15 things to be true. 

1. The guy you like having zero idea you are even remotely interested in him. 

Me: *Doesn't talk to him*

*Doesn't initiate conversation*

*Doesn't continue conversation when he starts one*

Also me: "How much more obvious do I need to be for him to understand that I'm interested?!"

2. Or even worse they think you actively dislike them. 

Being awkward and having an overly sarcastic sense of humour is basically a death sentence in the flirting world.


3. Suddenly becoming way too aware of your arm placement and spending the rest of the conversation trying to figure out wtf to do with your hands. 

Imagine, just imagine going one conversation without realizing you are doing the hover hand.


4. Going from texting like a normal person to texting like a 40 year old dad experiencing a midlife crisis whenever you're talking to him. 

It's either that or you end up sounding so dry and annoyed.

5. Using insult-based humour way too soon and they end up getting offended. 

Of course the one area of conversation you feel comfortable in makes other people uncomfortable and offended.

6. Having a "I have literally no idea how to respond to this" moment every time you interact with them. 

"Is this is a mass snap???? A snap to me?? Am I supposed to respond??? HOW DO I RESPOND TO THIS."


7. Needing to consult way too many friends on what to text back. 

Probably 89% of your replies aren't actually your replies, more like your friend group's.

8. Stressing way too much about what you'll talk about when you hang out with them. 

Then attempting to drag a friend along as a buffer.

9. Snapchat being your worst enemy because they can see how many times you keep retyping. 

"_______ is typing...." "_________ is typing.. again" "________ is still typing.."

10. Having one signature line/ move that isn't even good but you still use it because it's better than nothing.

"Come here often?"


11. You avoid vulnerability as if it's the plague. 

"So how was your weekend?" "Gotta blast cya!!!!"


12. Having that one staple response when you have no idea what to say that you seriously need to stop using so much. 

"Oh cool!" "..Oh cool!" "Oh cool!"

13. Having no idea how to accept any sort of compliment or advance. 

"You look really nice today" "Yea the WEATHER really is looking nice right now!"

14. Seeing dinner dates as a night from hell. 

Sitting with a cute guy where you are expected to be able to hold up a convo for several hours while still seeming #flirty and #chill is supposed to be fun????? I'm already stressed out.

15. So you constantly make sure to suggest activity-based dates. 

I continue to stand by my belief that a bike ride is the perfect date considering if it is going that bad you can just ~bike away~