15 Weirdest Viral Beauty Hacks Of 2017 So Far

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

You should know by now that the internet is a very, very, verrrryyy weird place - from way too many pointless cat videos to the most WTF beauty hack videos like using peanut butter in place of shaving gel. Like, whet?

In this crazy age of information, it's important to take literally everything you "learn" online with a grain of salt (duh). So if you see an Insta beauty guru applying their foundation with a condom and says it's legit the best thing ever and you have to try it, it may or may not actually work.

2017 has seen some really effing weird beauty hacks, like applying foundation with bra inserts, condoms and hard-boiled eggs. It's defs unconventional, but hey...it may or may not work right?

So we've done our research and watched like a million Youtube videos, Insta videos and even tried them out ourselves to see if these beauty hacks actually work and to give you the lowdown on whether you should try these hacks or not.

Here are 12 of the weirdest viral beauty hacks of 2017 so far:

The beauty hack wins 😁👍

Ones that you'll actually want to try.

The beauty hack fails 😭 👎

Ones that you'll actually laugh so hard watching.

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7 Beauty Hacks That Work

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1. Instant cut-crease using eyelash packaging.

Cut out a moon-shape stencil from the plastic of an eyelash packaging. Then paint the DIY stencil with concealer and apply to the eyelids. Finally, set the concealer without blurring the sharp edges and TADA! Instant cut crease.

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2. Stamped on eyeliner using an eraser.

Cut off the edge of a fresh eraser to create a triangular shape. Glue gun the eraser bit to a cotton swab (with cotton removed) and paint one side of the eraser stencil with gel eyeliner. Then swipe the stencil from the outer edge to the centre of the eye with the eyeliner side down. And bam, the perfect cat eye.

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3. Applying foundation with bra inserts.

Okay, so this one is pretty weird but it kinda works. Would we recommend that you use chicken cutlets to apply your foundation every day? No. But would we recommend it if you forgot your brushes and your beauty blender while on vacation and only had bra inserts? Sure, why not?

4. The perfect inside-out braid.

You'll have to watch the video to get this one since it's a bit hard to explain...but basically, you braid your hair underneath your chin first, and then flip it to the back of your head and you get the perfect braid. This hack is LIFE CHANGING.

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5. Fake freckles using a hairbrush.

Faux freckles have been all the rage in the beauty community lately. As much as I think it's kind of extra, this beauty hack actually works. Using a hairbrush to create fake freckles is much faster and a lot more natural looking that dotting them on one by one.

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6. Natural lip plumper using wasabi.

If you've got thick skin and you can stand a spicy sting on your lips for a minute, then this natural lip plumper using wasabi might not be so bad for you. If you want to get those pouty lips, this beauty hack actually works. But again, whether the pain is worth it or not, is totally your call.

7. Using panty-liners as eyeshadow guards.

It may seem a little weird to stick panty-liners on your face, but when you're in an emergency and need something to put under your eyes to catch the fall-out, you can use panty-liners! Just make sure to pat the sticky side your palm a few times first so that the adhesive isn't as strong.

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8 Beauty Hacks That Don't Work

1. Winged eyeliner with dental floss.

Applying eyeliner onto dental floss then stamping it on your eye does not work. Take AndThatsJacob's word for it...eyeliners come with applicators for a reason.

2. Nose contour using a fork.

This is probably the most extra hack we've ever seen. If you're going to spend so much time making the nose contour work with a fork, you might as well not use a fork.

3. Cut-crease using a bottle cap.

This is the weirdest and probably dumbest beauty hack because nobody's eyelid is the shape of a bottle cap. I mean okay, maybe 5% out of the entire population of the earth, but honey, this doesn't work.

4. "Jamsu"

One of the biggest viral beauty hacks on Youtube and IG of 2017 is the "jamsu" hack. Apparently, dipping your fully made-up and "baked" face into a bowl of ice-cold water is supposed to help create a smooth matte finish to the skin. We've had some mixed reviews on this hack, but seems like more often than not, it doesn't work. Save yourself the painfully icy torture and pass on this hack.

5. Applying foundation with a condom.

Since the hype of the sili-sponge, people have been trying out different ways to get the same effect of a silicon applicator without paying for it. And hence, the condom beauty sponge technique. Apparently, it's not bad...but the sound that it makes while you're applying your foundation is enough to make you just say no.

7. Curling your hair with a pencil.

So these "pencil" curls have been all over Instagram. This method basically gives you tight curls without using a curling iron. But the truth is, this will take you FREAKING 5EVA. Just invest in a curling iron and save yourself the hours wasted.

8. Using red lipstick to cover dark circles.

So apparently using red lipstick underneath concealer is supposed to help brighten up dark under-eye circles. But the problem is, you end of with a lot of pink undertones and having to use way more concealer than you normally would...which would probably give you the same effect as just using more concealer. So does it work? Nah, not really.