16 Bucket List Things To Do In Iceland For The Most Epic Trip Ever

These spots will make you want to drop everything and visit Iceland.
16 Bucket List Things To Do In Iceland For The Most Epic Trip Ever
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There is more to do in Iceland than just the Blue Lagoon. The country filled with beautiful sights including plenty of majestic waterfalls, glacier-filled lagoons, and a stunning black sand beach. Of course, you'll also want to enjoy seeing the northern lights dance across the sky while you are in Iceland too!

To help you plan your next trip here are 16 bucket list things to do in that will make you want to drop everything and visit Iceland!

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Marvel At The Beautiful Waterfalls

Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss are two of Iceland's most picturesque waterfalls. Make sure to visit them to enjoy the breathtaking sight!

See The Northern Lights

For a truly magical visit to Iceland, you need to see the Northern Lights. For the best chances to see the bright and colourful lights dance across the sky make sure to visit between September to April.

Visit A Black Sand Beach

For a truly unique sight, head to the world-famous black-sand beach on the south coast of Iceland. Reynisfjara Beach is a black volcanic beach with powerful waves.

Relax At The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous spots in Iceland. Here you can relax in the geothermal seawater that is rich in minerals and is fantastic for your skin.

Sleep In A Panoramic Glass Lodge

For the ultimate place to stay in Iceland, you need to book a stay at The Panorama Glass Lodge which is a glass cabin. Inside your private cabin, you can enjoy the view of the northern lights from bed or outdoors from your private hot tub!

Enter An Ice Cave

You won't want to miss walking inside a glacier on your next trip to Iceland. Langjökull Glacier is Europe's second largest glacier, and inside there is a man-made ice cave that is over 1800 feet long.

Go Whale Watching

If you have ever wanted to go whale watching you need to go while you are in Iceland. Húsavík in Iceland is known globally as being one of the best spots in the world to watch whales. Book a boat tour for a chance to see over 20 different species of whales!

Discover A Glacial Lagoon

You won't want to miss photographing Jökulsárlón a glacial lagoon filled with icebergs in Iceland. While here, make sure to keep your eye out for seals which can be seen relaxing on the floating icebergs.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Goðafoss

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland is Goðafoss. The arc-shaped waterfall is a massive 98 feet wide and 39 feet tall!

See Icelandic Horses

All over Iceland, you will come across the beautiful Icelandic horses. You can either arrange a horse riding tour while you are in Iceland or stop your car beside the road to photograph some of the freely roaming horses.

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Hike In The Stokksnes Peninsula

On the southeastern side of Iceland, you will find the breathtaking Stokksnes Peninsula. This gorgeous spot is a wonder to hike through as you will see dramatic mountain peaks, sharp cliffs, black sand beach, and a lagoon.

Go For A Swim In Seljavallalaug Pool

Built in 1923, Seljavallalaug is a hidden gem in Iceland. The swimming pool made right in the rocky landscape and is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the spectacular surroundings.

Discover The Plane Wreckage

This wrecked airplane in Iceland looks straight out of a sci-fi film. The United States Navy DC plane crashed on the black sand beach in the 1970s and since has been left there to slowly rust. Now it is a tourist attraction, where people like to take selfies.

See Puffins

Iceland has one of the world's largest puffin colonies and is home to around half to the world's puffins. While in Iceland you can schedule a tour to see these adorable birds.

Sleep Under The Stars

Fall asleep with a view of the stars in this dreamy accommodation in Iceland. Bubble lets you book a stay in their transparent bubbles which provides you with the perfect view of the northern lights.

Sightsee In Reykjavik

While Reykjavík is a small city, it offers plenty to see and do. While here make sure to visit Hallgrimskirkja the tallest building which has a unique design.

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