16 Memes About Canadian Winters That Are So Painfully Relatable

If we don't laugh, we'll cry.
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16 Canadian Winter Memes That Are So Painfully Relatable

If there’s one thing that all Canadians can agree on, it’s that this country gets cold. Not ordinary cold, like the rest of the world, but bone-chilling, rain-freezing, headache-inducing, never-leave-the-house-again cold. Our wintertime is dark and long, and our summers only last about 2 weeks. When it all gets a little too much, here are 16 memes about Canadian winters that might just make you smile.

In just the last week, Environment Canada has issued weather warnings for almost every province and territory in the country, for everything from snow squalls and blizzards to storm surges, high winds and "extreme cold."

If that wasn’t wintry enough, 10 of the top 15 most frigid places on the whole planet were in Canada on Friday morning, proving that there are few other nations on Earth that can truly understand our annual seasonal suffering.

While fearless Canucks have proved time and time again that they’re not phased by our cruel, bitter winters, living half of your whole life in glacial temperatures will get to us all at some point.

For those moments that make you want to scream, cry, and potentially relocate to Florida, here are 16 Canadian winter memes that are so painfully accurate you can’t help but laugh.

Winter Is Coming (Constantly)

Just when you think it's all over — BAM! 70 centimetres of accumulation and wind speeds of up to 140 km/h.

It's All About Perspective

First picture: When the snow starts falling on November 1.

Second picture: When it is *still* falling on May 31.

Canadian Problems

Remember: You must get up at least 20 minutes earlier in the morning in order to de-ice your entire vehicle before you drive to work so it can re-ice instantly.

But seriously, it's actually illegal if you don't.

No Spaces, No Worries

Anything is a space if your car is bad-ass enough.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Good luck on your treacherous journey my friend. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Snow Roads? Snow Worries!

Is this Canada or is this live-action Mario Kart?

Still Better Than The LRT

"Oops. I must have moose-taken you for my Uber!"

T-Shirt Temperatures

Me: Lose your sweaters and your hats, ladies and gentlemen, it's 2 whole degrees outside!

Canada: *cheers*


How do you keep the snow from giving you cold feet?

Don't go around BRR-footed.

Do Not Disturb (The Snow)

This is a completely fair, valid and very Canadian reason not to go to work.

If your boss tells you otherwise, you should get a new job, with a company that *respects* Canadian culture.

The Lane Game

Ok, I've decided.

Canada IS officially live-action Mario Kart.

Summer Dreamin'

What is "Spring"?

sNOw Correct Answer

If Shakespeare's Hamlet had lived in Canada, perhaps the famous question would have been: "To shovel, or not to shovel?"

Trick question. Whatever you choose will end up being wrong.


The only thing scarier than ghosts in your house is these -40 C temperatures.

Canadian Tired

Me: ...

Dad: ...

Me: ...

Dad: Will you help me shovel the driveway?


[image 5e21f178b454e36ce04f5830]

Keep shovellin' Canada, we'll get there!

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