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16 Little Things He Does That Screams He's Just Not That Into You

Let's be real, 90% of the time guys are pretty easy to read. Though there are always those guys you cross paths with where you honestly have no clue where their head is at.

If you are still wondering whether the guy you are talking to is in it for the long haul or planning on ditching you at the next turn, these 16 little things are something you should definitely look out for. 

He only hits you up at night or when he's drunk. 

The reddest of flags!!! Seriously, if he only texts or snaps you at 2 AM after a few beers he unfortunately is probably only interested in getting in your pants then ditching.

He doesn't make time for you. 

Don't confuse this for himnot being able to hang out with you 24/7, because obviously that is expecting way too much. Though if he seriously can't free up time for even a phone call I'd be concerned.

He leaves you on read or opened constantly. 

If a guy is interested he's going to want to keep the conversation going. So if he is constantly stone walling you on snap and text then he probably isn't interested in actually getting to know you.

You are always the one who has to initiate plans. 

When you like someone you want to set up plans and spend time with them! So naturally if your prospective bae is doing the complete opposite, he probably isn't feeling the same way you feel about him.

He doesn't bring you around his family or friends. 

Obviously if it's early in the relationship you should not be expecting to meet his grandma or pull up to his dad's birthday. Though if he's hiding you from his friends or they don't even know your name then I wouldn't expect him to change his relationship status any time soon.

You're constantly wondering if he is into you. 

Guys aren't that good at hiding if they are into a girl or not, usually if they are into someone it's blatantly obvious. So if you're left constantly wondering, he probably isn't that into you.

He cancels a lot. 

The only thing worse than a guy who is never able to hang out is a guy who seems like he's always available but constantly flops the day of. Seriously, the boy dgaf about you if he does this on the regular.

He doesn't ask about you. 

If he only talks about himself when he's with you, you've got to get out of there. Not only does nobody want to hang out with someone who's that full of themselves but his lack of effort to get to know you reflects that he just wasn't into you in the first place.

He's super secretive. 

Whether it's being overprotective over his phone or not letting you add him on Facebook (like for real???), a guy who acts like he has something to hide probably does and my something I mean someone else.

He's well versed with excuses. 

Do not trust a boy who can spin an excuse out of any and every situation and consistently uses that talent to drop out on plans with you.

Doesn't invite you to social events. 

If a guy doesn't want to be seen with you and be put in a situation where he has to introduce you to people he knows, he probably is not that into you.

Avoids any kind of serious conversation.

If he won't vent to you or let you vent to him or even tolerate any kind of slightly emotional conversation, he probably isn't in it with you for the long haul.

He tells you he's not a "relationship kind of guy." 

"I'm not a relationship kind of person" should always be translated to "I'm not a relationship kind of person *when it comes to you."

He's always on his phone when he's with you. 

Yet it takes him hours to respond to your text asking how his day was? HARD PASS.

He mentions his ex all the time. 

If he mentions him/her like once then I'd let it slide, but if their ex is constantly brought up, you are probably the rebound and need to get out of there ASAP.

He doesn't "do breakfast."

Any boy can miss me with the "I don't do breakfast" line because a) it's usually BS and b) if it is the truth I don't trust anybody who doesn't like pancakes.

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