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16 Super Famous Social Media Stars You Didn't Know Were Canadian

These Youtubers and Insta influencers are all canucks!

Whoever said nothing good ever comes out of Canada? Besides being the birthplace of poutine, hockey, and Justin Bieber. But as far as Youtube goes, Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman put Canada on the map and paved the way for influencers to come. 

Lilly has become one of the most celebrated Youtubers on the online platform. She's debatably one of the most famous Canadian YouTubers online now, with over 14 million subscribers, she's definitely a well-known name. But there are tons of other Canadian stars that aren't as well known as Singh. 

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Whether it's on Youtube or Instagram, social media stars are becoming the next A-List celebrities, garnering millions of followers and super dedicated fan bases. Among all those social media stars, there are actually more Canadians than you'd think. 

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While it seems like all your favourite Youtubers live in LA or New York, some are still Canadian citizens and beyond that, a lot of them still actually live in the great white north. 

So if you're in the market for some new and amazing Canadian content to follow or subscribe to check out these 16 social media stars, in no particular order, you may not have known were Canadian. 

1. Marc Fitt

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Marc Fitt is a fitness star and model with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. He also inspires people through his online presence, public speaking, and his podcast, which also has over 1 million listens.

Marc is from Saint-Eustache, Quebec and like any good Canadian kid, grew up playing competitive hockey and later got into weight training. He's part of the Canadian athletic brand Rise, built for and by athletes.

He regularly posts shirtless pics, post-workout selfies and also adorable photos with his girlfriend on his page.

2. Milana Coco

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With almost 1.9 million subscribers on Youtube, Milana was born in Russia but lives in Toronto. On her channel, she says she came to Youtube in 2013 just as a viewer but decided to upload her first video in 2015. Less than 2 years later she had earned one million followers.

The Russian-Canadian post all sorts of videos, like makeup vids, muk bangs (literally eating a bunch of food while chatting), and all sorts of different challenges with her boyfriend. She is best known for her Don't Judge Me Challenge series.

3. Elisabeth Rioux

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Elisabeth Rioux is a gorgeous social media star with over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. She posts a lot of travel pics with friends from all over the world but is based in Quebec.

She is also the owner of Hoaka, a relatively size-inclusive swimwear brand that she regularly promotes on her own page. She also regularly posts pics of her adorable dogs.

4. Alex Centomo

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With over 1 million Instagram followers and others on Youtube, Alex is a Canadian beauty guru, lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogger based out of Quebec. She is also the mastermind behind the Poorly Planned Podcast.

Alex's profile is literal Instagram goals with her travel pics, fall photos, and adorable dog. She has also gained a lot of interest from sharing her engagement and planning for her upcoming wedding.

5. Gigi Gorgeous

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Gigi Gorgeous, whose real last name is Lazzarato, is not only a proud trans woman but also a Canadian! The Montreal born star has almost 3 million subscribers on Youtube and almost as many followers on Instagram too.

She gained some fame when she first started on Youtube in 2008, but really became more popular when she came out as trans in 2013. She used her social media platforms to document her transition. She was even the subject of a 2017 film, This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous.

6. LaurDIY

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With over 8 million subscribers on her Youtube channel, Lauren Riihimaki has been slaying the DIY video game, posting regular DIY challenges, weekly vlogs, and fun craft ideas. She recently launched her own DIY supplies line, which is available at Michaels and Walmart Canada.

She lives in LA now but is regularly back in Toronto, where she grew up, went to Ryerson, and her family still lives. She is one of the most well known Canadian Youtubes with her millions of subscribers, not to mention the over 4 million followers she also has on Instagram.

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7. Coco Rocha

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Coco Rocha is not only a model and superstar but a Canadian as well! The Vogue cover girl and runway queen has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and was born in Toronto and grew up in Richmond, BC.

Coco has walked in fashion weeks around the world and for some of the most famous designers like Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. She has been featured in both Vogue Italia and American Vogue and made the magazine's cover around the world. She also runs and mentors models at Coco Rocha model camp.

8. Sonya Esman

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Sonya is a model and creative influencer with over 1.9 million followers on Instagram. She regularly posts artistic and model-esque photos with her signature muted and neutral Instagram aesthetic.

She's from Toronto but made a lot of Canadians angry when she posts a pic of the city with the caption that Canada was boring as fuck, which explains why New York gets so much love on her page.

9. How To Cake It

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How To Cake It and the amazing baker behind it, Yolanda Gamp is based out of Vaughan, Ontario. She posts cake tutorials on her channel weekly, featuring the most amazing and elaborate novelty cakes every single week.

Yolanda is one of the most followed, not to mention highest earning, Canadians on Instagram and her Youtube channel has more than 3.8 million subscribers. Her Instagrams usually feature behind the scenes pics from her channel but she keeps her personal life very private.

10. Molly Burke

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Molly Burke is a rising Youtube star with more than 1.4 million subscribers. She also happens to be blind. Molly has used her channel to bring awareness to how she lives as a blind girl, featuring vlogs, makeup tutorials, and glimpses into how she does every day tasks like shopping.

She recently left her home in Toronto to pursue her Youtube career in LA. Her videos have featured other YouTubers like Gabbie Hannah and Joey Graceffa.

11. SimplyNailogical

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Simply Nailogical, AKA Cristine, is an Ottawa based Youtube star who has amassed a following of over 6 million people on her channel. She regularly uploads nail tutorials, but lately has been branching into other challenge videos and some DIYs.

On top of being an amazing and successful Youtuber, Cristine and her boyfriend Ben, who's regularly featured in her videos, both have full-time jobs offline in Ottawa working as analysts, making them the ultimate Canadian Youtube power couple.

12. Mia Maples

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Mia is another rising Youtube star, whose clothing haul videos have earned her a following of over 1.1 million subscribers. Her most popular videos often involve her trying out ridiculous clothes from sites like Shein, Wish, and eBAy.

She is based out of Canada and like any true Canadian has previously mentioned in one of her Instagram posts that she would love to be sponsored by Tim Hortons.

13. Farah Dhukai

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Farah Dhukai is a beauty blogger whose channel has over 2.1 million subscribers. Her videos regularly feature makeup tutorials and her trying out different hairstyles.

The social media star is born and raised and Canada and claims to be a proud resident of the 6ix, though her address is actually in Concord, ON.

14. Kristen Hancher

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Kristen isn't only an Instagram influencer but also is known as a musical.ly star, AKA a muser. She's best known for her ever-changing, vibrant and pastel hair colours and her super bright and bubbly Instagram aesthetic. She is also part of a collective of other musers on Youtube.

Not only is she a social media star with over 5.4 million followers on Instagram, but she is also a Canadian from Ontario.

15. Lyzabeth Lopez

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This Toronto woman is an Instagram fitness star and also the founder of the hourglass workout, a program that apparently shows women how to achieve an hourglass figure, and even has her own app to help people do it.

She has more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram, where she posts her workouts, and loves showing off her super sculpted body as a way of promoting her workout plan.

16. LaToya Forever

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LaToya is an online personality whose channel, LaToya Forever, has over 1.4 million subscribers. She regularly uploads videos and posts about her family, she has two kids, their lifestyle, and all her travelling. When she first started on Youtube her channel also featured comedy skits and lots of little jokes.

Now the self-made star, who was born in Scarborough, ON, has a massive online following and has even authored her own book called LaToya's Life: Uncut Mishaps Of A Youtube Star.

So the next time someone tells you nothing good ever comes from Canada, just remind them that some of the hottest and most trending social media stars are from the True North.