Bikini top, check. Ripped shorts, check. Sunglasses, check. Just when you think you've remembered everything for your festival outfit, you forgot about what do with your hair!

No stress, girl. Festival hairstyles are all about being unique and having fun. From braids to buns, flower crowns to hair chains, there are tons of super quick ways to spice up your festival look that will literally take you no time whatsoever.

Coachella starts tomorrow, so if you're strapped for ideas and don't know what to do with your hair, here's some inspo for you! Stop worrying about your hair and just enjoy the good vibes. It's time to channel your inner Yoncé and "bey" fierce.

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Sailor Moon Buns

Whether you have long or short hair, this look is super easy to do and looks super adorable. Just create two half-up pigtail buns, and their good to go. The best part, the messier they look, the better.

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The Flower Crown

Flower crowns are never dead. Add an adorable flower crown either homemade or from an accessory store so you can be the flower child that you were born to be.

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Hair Chain

If this is the third year in a row you're considering wearing a flower crown, it's time to switch things up and try on a hair chain. Accessorize your luscious locks with some hair jewellery that will glisten under the Coachella sun.

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Glitter Roots

If you want to really stand out from the crowd, why not add some sparkle to your do? While it can be a bit challenging to wash out the glitter, at least you'll be reminiscing about Coachella everytime you pick a bit of glitter out of your hair days later.

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Long Curls

This is by far probably one of the most simple looks. Just curl your hair with a curling or flat iron and you're good to go. But I mean, hey, you're too busy vibin' out to good music and enjoying yourself.

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The Hat

Sometimes you just can't be bothered. If you're going for the IDGAF look, seriously, just throw on a baseball cap, a sun hat, or anything with a wide brim.

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Pastel Braids

If you're into the braided style, look to no other than Chanel Iman's festival look for your hair inspo this year. Braid some pastel extensions into your each braid for a colourful festival spin to your average braids.

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Holographic Hair

Holo everything is still alive and well. All you need to achieve a colourful hair look without making an appointment with your stylist is some temporary hair colour spray that you can get at any drugstore.

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The Double Bun

Festival season is also one of the hottest seasons, so putting your hair up all the way is definitely a smart way to go. Put up your hair in a cute little double bun and leave out your bangs to frame the face.

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The Head Wrap

Keep it simple with bohemian head wrap. You can curl or straighten your hair, or even just leave it as is. But beware, head wraps can get hot from time to time.

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The Bandana Wrap

If you don't want to jump around with the tail of a long head wrap whipping around your face, you can always opt for the more low key head wrap. Channel some Taylor Hill vibes and throw on a cute bandana to hair look to make it festival approved.

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Curly High Ponytail

Channel your inner Arianna Grande like Kehlani does from time to time. If you have super long hair, this look will work great. If you don't, you can always throw in some extensions. Better yet, grab colour extensions!

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French-braided Pigtails

When you're partying two to three days straight, who has time to wash their hair? If you don't want to bother with washing your hair but still want to look cute, these french-braided pigtails are perfect for you.

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Half-up Pigtails

This is another super easy hairstyle that takes literally two seconds. If you've got the outrageous electric coloured hair, even better.

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Mixing It Up

If you're undecided and want to do all the hairstyles, just mix it up! You can do a few braids amongst your wavy locks, and even have your hair half up in pigtail buns. Just have fun with your hair! That's the whole point of festival style in the first place!