17 Times Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Were Too Cute To Handle

Talk about a model couple.
17 Times Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Were Too Cute To Handle

Gigi and Zayn recently celebrated their second anniversary together, which is a major cause for celebration in Hollywood. These two are the cutest couple and actively share some of the best photos, videos and adorable snaps for us to gush about. Here are some of their absolute cutest moments from the past two years of being together. 

This adorably chill couple photo that appears to be taken at a party. 

When they were totally #goals at the Versace fashion show. 

This adorable Halloween snap of Spidey and his alleged girl. 

No makeup? No problem when you're as good looking as these two. 

This fking adorable forehead kiss. 

When they incredibly co-ordinated not only outfits, but glasses. 

When Gigi loved him, even with a bald head. 

When they were not only squad goals, but family goals. The goal of all goals. 

Iconicly stunting on the cover of Vogue, together, as only gorgeous power couples do.

When Gigi collared with Tommy Hilfiger and Zayn was front row.

When they literally got paid to look beautiful with each other in Italy for a Vogue shoot. 

Met Gala goals because Hollywood. 

Somehow making Sunday hungover coffee runs look chic. 

How about when they first emerged as a public couple, looking gorgeous in grey??

Or their first Insta together in December of 2015?

Their selfie game is just incredible tbh.

When they were 'just friends,' picking each other up from the AMA's back in November of 2015.