Okay so you got dumped, or maybe you got cheated on, or maybe you got dumped because you cheated. Whatever the case may be, you're alone and it sucks. A lot. 

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Whether you were fully in love, or it was a lowkey ting or you were kind of together but no label, breakups hut like hell. And it can be excruciating to get over. Especially because more often than not that person wasn't just someone you were physically involved with, chances are you really loved them as a person and friend.

But how can you think about being friends with them when they literally broke your heart? You don't. Not right now anyway.

There are however a couple things everyone should do after a breakup that will not guarantee speedy recovery, but will help in the process of making yourself feel better. 

For those broken hearted ladies and gents out there, this list is for you:

1. Remind yourself that you are loved.

You're worth more than your piece of shit ex.

2. Eat a damn tub of ice cream.

Cause it's delicious and fuck calories.

3. Think of all the amazing moments and times you guys shared.

4. Now immediately stop thinking about them.

5. Write down a list of things you hated about them. And look at it when you think about forgiving them.

6. Think of things YOU always wanted to do.

Focus on yo' damn self girl.

7. Get a pedicure.

No this won't help you in anyway but I bet you haven't had one in a while.

8. Rewrite over things and memories that remind you of that person.

One of my really great friends told me to do this. Moving forward is essential. Don't get caught up in what was.

9. Cry. You know you wanna. 

10. Watch all of Jonah Hill's best movies.

He's hilarious.

11. Give their shit back. You don't need it.

12. Don't go to places you KNOW they'll be.

We've all made this mistake. Just don't show up.

13. DON'T Go hooking up with someone else. You ain't ready.

14. Listen to all of Frank Ocean's greatest hits.

ESPECIALLY White Ferrari.

15. Remind yourself you're worth more than this. YOU ARE.

16. Surround yourself with people who 100% have your back.

Ride or die forever. You need people who will stick up for you.

17. Forgive but don't forget.

Eventually, this is important. It takes WAY more energy to hate someone than to move on. But don't forget how bad you're hurt, and don't let it happen again.

18. Focus on self love from here on out. 

Some #menaretrash2017, but it's not about the shitty relationships and things that happen to us. It's about moving forward and embracing self love and realizing you're hot shit - and someone will appreciate that.