Summer is definitely the season of dates. You'll more than likely have a lot more time off and co-operable weather when compared to unsavoury seasons like rainy spring or chilly winter. But as you go out more, your funds can definitely dip into dangerous territories, making you want to hole up and lay low until your next payday. 

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But don't worry! We've crafted some amazing dates all over Ontario that won't break the bank and will leave you and your S/O super stoked on summer dates. We've planned out a date for several Ontario cities from your first hello to your last goodbye. 

Go on any of these dates individually, or use the whole day plan as one huge epic date! 





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1. Energize for your day at Settlement Co. 

First up, grab a coffee or tea at Settlement! This cute cafe offers lots of sandwiches, yummy snack-toasts and salads too!

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2. Explore The Grand River for a romantic canoe ride

Spend the morning paddling together through Waterloo's finest. Grab some snacks from Settlement before to save some time and avoid middle-of-the-river hunger.

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3. Grab some amazing bao buns at Bao Sandwich Bar // 62 Balsam St, Unit #B106

After working up a serious appetite, get your grub on at Bao! This place has amazing Chicken Katsu and 5 Spice Pork Belly bao, as well as dope bulgogi fries.

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4. Grab an aesthetically pleasing drink at Death Valley's Little Brother! 

This place doesn't just serve up drinks, but coffees and snacks too!

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1. Photoshoot at The Red Brick Cafe 

This adorable cafe has the cutest street art ever! Grab your winning shot and a delicious coffee from inside to start off your day.

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2. Shop around Wyndham at shops like The Patch! 

The Patch has amazing consignment - which means you can spoil your girl on the cheap! Wyndham has tons of cool little spots to check out, so stroll up and down at your leisure.

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3. Fuel up on some delicious eats @ Earth To Table Bread Bar 

Split a big beautiful za with bae outside on Bread Bar's gorgeous outdoor patio. Splitting a pizza will definitely help you split the cost, as this place is a little pricier, but totally worth it.

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4. Grab some ice cream at The Boathouse! 

This riverside spot is the best place to grab a cone and take seat with the soothing sounds of the river beside you!

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5. See a live show @ Jimmy Jazz

One of the coolest bars in Guelph, Jimmy Jazz is always good for some quality pub food and good tunes.

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1. Fuel up @ Mulberry Coffee House! 

Grab some snack bars to go before heading out on your big Hamilton excursion!

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2. Wade in the water @ Albion Falls 

This is a classic Albion Falls date spot that won't cost you a penny to enjoy!

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3. Sift through the vinyl @ Cheapies Records 

Cheapies got its name from their bargain new and used LPs. You can even find vintage toys and other cool knickknacks right here in the Hammer.

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4. Make time for tacos @ Mezcal TNT 

These bites are some of Hamilton's best. We highly recommend diving into their daily specials for a truly great taco experience.

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5. Cheers each other @ The Ship 

This place is as hip as it gets. With flights of craft beer and hand-crafted caesars in mason jars, you can't go wrong with a round of drinks here!

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1. Get your breakfast on right @ The Cold Pressery 

Cold Pressery kills it with the most delicious and healthy affordable eats! Grab an acai bowl or smoothie before you head out!

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2. Hit some balls @ Playdium! 

This is a fun, unique way to spend some time together and have some fun! Hitting balls for a couple hours only costs a couple dollars and is super memorable.

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3. Hit up the Playium Arcade inside!

Buy a cheap play card and have the time of your life with skeeball and basketball games! Utilize a $10 off coupon here.

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4. Throw back some beers @ Door FiftyFive! 

This Port Credit spot is absolutely bumping on any day of the week! Toss back a $5 Bud for a cheap buzz.