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18 Places In Canada With Names So Weird They'll Make You Do A Double Take

You won't believe some of the names!
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19 Weirdest Town Names In Canada That You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Across Canada, you'll find plenty of towns with names that are so strange, you won't believe they actually exist. There's everything from strange-sounding words and unflattering names, to plenty of sexual innuendoes on signs that you'll find along the road. So, if you're looking to go on a hilarious road trip, or two, why not travel across the country photographing some of the weirdest names of places in Canada?

This year, one of Canada's weirdest names made international news when Jimmy Kimmel featured the town of Dildo, Newfoundland. Kimmel loved the name of the town so much, he became the honourary Mayor of Dildo. As a gift to the city, Kimmel installed a large Hollywood-style sign with the name of the town.

But it isn't just Dildo with a unique name that draws tourists. In Canada, you'll find town names like Climax, Sober Island, Shag Harbour, and even Eyebrow! Because the names are so surprising, many people will visit these areas just to photograph the road sign. So, it's time to pack up the car and go on a road trip to see these spots for yourself.

Here are 19 places in Canada with the weirdest names ever that you won't believe actually exist:

Big Beaver

Address: Big Beaver, Saskatchewan

Why You Need To Go: Enroute to the Big Muddy Badlands, you'll pass the old-time town of Big Beaver.

Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

Address: Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec

Why You Need To Go: This spot in Quebec is the only municipality in the world with two exclamation points in its name.

Happy Adventure

Address: Happy Adventure, Newfoundland

Why You Need To Go: It's a charming village on the Eastport Peninsula.


Address: Dildo, Newfoundland

Why You Need To Go: This city had a surge in popularity ever since Jimmy Kimmel said he wanted to run for mayor.


Address: Vulcan, Alberta

Why You Need To Go: Star Trek fans will not only love the name of the town, but also the visitor centre which looks like a space ship.

Blow Me Down

Address: Blow Me Down Provincial Park, Newfoundland

Why You Need To Go: This scenic provincial park makes a relaxing spot to go camping. Within the park, you can also enjoy the hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of Lark Harbour.

Come By Chance

Address: Come By Chance, Newfoundland

Why You Need To Go: This town is best known for having Newfoundland's only oil refinery.


Address: Climax, Saskatchewan

Why You Need To Go: The sign alone makes this town worth a visit, but once you arrive you'll enjoy visiting the charming small agricultural town.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Address: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta

Why You Need To Go: The name comes from the fact that indigenous folks used to herd buffalo off into the foothills of the mountains. It's now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dude Chilling Park

Address: Dude Chilling Park, British Columbia

Why You Need To Go: This sign in a Vancouver park was first created as a prank, but later was permitted to remain standing.

Ragged Ass Road

Address: Ragged Ass Road, Northwest Territories

Why You Need To Go: The road was named as a joke by the owner of the property, Lou Rocher, but the street name still remains today. If you're in the area, it's well worth a visit just to see the hilarious sign name.

Punkeydoodles Corners

Address: Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario

Why You Need To Go: Plenty of people come to this small hamlet just to see the strange sign name.


Address: Swastika, Ontario

Why You Need To Go: This spot in Ontario is frequently listed as a place in Canada with an unusual name.

Sober Island

Address: Sober Island, Nova Scotia

Why You Need To Go: Sober Island isn't so sober after all. Here, you can visit the Sober Island Brewing Company. Head there to enjoy some of their fantastic beer.


Address: Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

Why You Need To Go: By this peaceful village in Saskatchewan, you can enjoy the view of Diefenbaker Lake.

Shag Harbour

Address: Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

Why You Need To Go: This spot is famous for a 1967 UFO sighting, which still draws tourists to this area today.


Address: Sexsmith, Alberta

Why You Need To Go: If you want to escape the bustle of the city, this small town might be worth a visit.

Nameless Cove

Address: Nameless Cove, Newfoundland

Why You Need To Go: Here, you can enjoy relaxing views of the coast, and nearby you'll find another spot with a funny name called Mistaken Cove.

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