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19 Space-Saving Items To Organize Your Closet If You Have Too Many Damn Clothes

And if you can't seem to stop buying more!

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19 Space-Saving Items To Organize Your Closet If You Have Too Many Damn Clothes

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Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with massive Hannah Montana-style walk-in closets. The reality is, most of us have to make do with the space we have.

But while your clothing collection grows and you're stuck wondering how to heck to store it all, you won't need to fret because if you use the right tools, you can organize everything.

Whatever space you're working with, these 19 affordable items from Amazon and Indigo can help you create the closet of your dreams.

Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers (Pack of 30)

Amazon Canada

These velvet hangers are nice and thin, saving you space and giving your closet a more coherent look. The texture is also easier for clothes to stay on without sliding off.

Utopia Home

Multi-Layer Stainless Steel Space Saving Clothes Hangers (Pack of 6)

Amazon Canada

These tiered hangers are great for hanging scarves, pants or ties without taking up drawer space. They're made of sturdy stainless steel but have a layer of silicone so your items won't slip.

$27 $24

Hanging Purse Organizer

Amazon Canada

Your purses don't have to end up squished together in a bin when you have this layered hanging organizer that'll let them keep their shape. It can hold up to eight purses while the clear cover keeps them dust-free.

$12.99 $11.99

Double Closet Rod

Amazon Canada

You can make use of dead space by adding an extra layer of hanging room with this additional rod. It only takes seconds to put together and it doubles your closet space.


Fabric 4-Drawer Storage Organizer Unit for Closet

Amazon Canada

Another way to use up the extra space in your closet is by adding in a unit like this one. It has four removable bins that can easily conceal any mess when you're too lazy to fold.

Amazon Basics

Clear Shelf Separators (Pack of 4)

Amazon Canada

If your piles of folded clothes are constantly tipping into each other, these clear dividers might be just what you need. They clip right onto your shelf and you can adjust how far apart you want them to be.

$36.99 $30

Round Clothing Size Closet Rack Dividers (Pack of 30)

Amazon Canada

You can separate your cocktail dresses from your winter coats using these circular dividers that come with a marker to label them. While they're excellent for sorting your own things, they're also handy if you have to share a closet with someone else.


Fabric Under Bed Storage Bag (Pack of 2)

Amazon Canada

Here in Canada, we have super-diverse wardrobes ranging from thick winter coats to light summer dresses. These under-the-bed storage bins are a great way to keep out-of-season clothing tucked away for a few months. The tops are clear so you can see exactly what's in each.

Amazon Basics
$30.87 $24.24

Deluxe Custom Closet Organizer System Kit

Amazon Canada

You can use up every last inch of your closet space with this total organization system from Rubbermaid. While you will have to measure out your space and whip out the drill, reviews say it's a total game-changer once it's set up.


Shirt Folding Board

Amazon Canada

The way that you store your clothes can actually make a difference in how much space you end up with and this folding board will give you consistent folds every time. It's also a total time saver and will make everything look extra neat.


Industrial Pipe Clothing Garment Rack

Amazon Canada

If you've completely filled up your closet but have some extra space in your bedroom, you can always add a garment rack to store extra items, especially your go-to clothes. This one also has a rack on the bottom for shoes and your hamper. The top rod has a stopper so your hangers stay put.

$55.99 $47.87

Freestanding Clothes Garment Organizer Closet

Amazon Canada

Another good external storage option is this tiered organizer that you can use to store folded items, too. It also has two rows of rods for hanging things like coats and dresses.


6-Tier Shoe Rack

Amazon Canada

Shoes are one of the trickiest things to store but this six-layered rack can fit up to 34 pairs. The side slots are meant for storing your flatter shoes, but you could also use them for mitts or insoles.

$49.99 $40.97

Honeycomb Drawer Organizers (Pack of 3)

Amazon Canada

You can sort all your small items like socks, ties and undies with these honeycomb dividers that can snap together or be easily cut apart to fit. The result is so satisfying and would make Marie Kondo proud.


Cap Organizer Hanger (Pack of 2)

Amazon Canada

Hats can be awkward to store but these clip organizers make it so much easier. Just wrap one onto any hanger you already own and it'll Velcro shut, then you just clip your caps onto them.


Drawer Organizers (Set of 7)

Amazon Canada

Bras are another tricky item to store, but you can easily separate them with these drawer dividers. The smaller dividers are good for sorting your undies and socks if you need to fit them all in one drawer.


Bigso Hanging Closet Organizer


This hanging organizer hangs right onto your closet rod and is great for storing shoes, sweaters, and pretty much anything else. When you're not using it, you can just fold it flat for easy storage.

Bigso Box Of Sweden
$39.50 $28

6-Cube Storage Organizer

Amazon Canada

These handy bins are so versatile, they can sit on shelves or the floor and can stack in any way you want. The panels are made of plastic, so they'll be super easy to clean.

$48.23 $41.99

Space-Saving Hangers

Amazon Canada

For extra small closets, these cascading hangers can save so much space while still fitting every outfit you own. The sturdy metal can fit up to six hangers of clothes or stack to fit up to 12.

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