Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. It is a time when you get to go beyond yourself and experience the world through a different point of view. With so many places to visit and see, you can go your entire life not seeing it all, but you sure can come close.

The world has a lot more to offer in terms of travel, than just places like Thailand, Italy or Australia. Popular vacation destinations around the world tend to get so crowded and busy, that it is really hard to make the most of your visit. There are millions of countries that fly under the radar, making them very much less known. These places, however, make amazing vacation and travel destinations. Add some, or all, of the destinations below to your bucket list! 

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North/ South America

Newfoundland, Canada

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Why should you go: Cannot have an underrated travel list without at least one place from Canada on it. The Canadian Maritime are easily amongst the most underrated vacation spots. Newfoundland, is one of the most stunning places in Canada. The capital, St.John's, is one of the oldest cities in Canada, and home to the street with the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street on the continent- making bar hopping very easy. To top it off, Gors Mourne National Park offers some stunning sights as you kayak through; plus whale watching is a must adventure!


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Why should you go: If you want to hit up a unique, untouched island for your next vacation, this Caribbean island needs to be the place you visit. The elegant crowd-free beaches, majestic volcanic peaks, and the legacy of a once-thriving sugar industry define the landscapes of Nevis. If you're in the mood to get active while you're here, lace up you hiking boots for a trek, slip on your flippers to scuba dive or catch the winds while wind surfing!


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Why should you go: When we think of visiting the Amazon, we think of going to Brazil or Peru- both places visited by millions each year. To get a great vacation out of the Amazon, Suriname is a cute little country in South America that has the parts of the Amazon that remain untouched. Blend in its unique mix of cultures and incredible food, you are sure to fall in love.

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Fjords of Norway

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Why should you go: Although Norway is becoming a more notable destination, the fjords of Norway remain fairly unvisited. Formed during the Ice Age, the jaw-dropping scenery is shaped by the deep blue fjords, flowing waterfalls and sharp, snow-capped mountains that tower high above the water. From fishing to kayaking, you’ll find many nooks and crannies with calm waters and mysteries to explore. Surrounding it are small villages, and within each of them are unique cultures and habits that bring out different experiences.

Republic of Georgia

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Why should you go: Located right between Europe and Asia, this country has raving reviews about their food and hospitable locals, Georgia is a vacation destination that really needs some love. The endless wineries are a treat, adding to the hiking and views of Caucasus Mountains. Other trekking must visits are Svaneti and Tusheti. Really get impressed in the culture and history of this country because it really plays a big part in the overall experience here.

Puglia, Italy

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Why should you go: You know that heel of the Italian boot you see on the map but never actually thought of paying a visit to? Well, that is Puglia and it needs to be a vacation destination you book right away. Influences not just from Italy, but also from the Spanish, Greek and Byzantine, bring this location together, while staying true to the Italian values and traditions. Spend your days lodging stone carved havens or cute villas along the coast.


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Why should you go: The heart of Central Europe, Slovenia has so much to offer that goes unnoticed. Historical castles (you can even stay in a 16th century castle called the 'Gredic Castle Hotel) , endless alpine lakes, vineyards for days, and of course the food, are all just the beginning of this captivating country. It is also home to some world famous chefs that live in the Soca Valley, so make sure that your tastebuds get a real treat!

Finish Lapland

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Why should you go: Are you one of those people who would rather have a winter escape than a tropical summer one? Then this location is PERFECT. This remote winter destination in Finland attracts the winter-lovers, and imerses them in the northern lights, snowmobiling, husky sledging and other winter activities. Hole up on the ice igloos of Kakslauttanen Arctic resort, and then venture out for a husky safari through winter wonderland.


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Why should you go: Known for its skiing in the winter and hiking in the warmer months Austria is by far one of the most active places to vacation. With around 75 per cent of the land as countryside, it’s packed, both high and low, with more adventurous activities than people realize.Find your way through rocky caverns by canyoning, kayaking, or test the white-water rapid routes. In the winter, try something different and take in the sites ice climbing! With villas located along the water or above in the mountains, your stay will be one for the ages.

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Why should you go: African countries are generally overlooked as vacation destinations since they take forever to get to, and the routes are absurd. But, Zimbabwe is worth it. You can literally see all that Africa has to offer and more in this one country. The rich wildlife is certainly a must see, but more so it is the hidden paintings over 2000 years old in the Matobo Hills that are captivating. Be sure to also go back in time by visiting the Great Zimbabwe National Monument, the 11th-century ruins of ‘the capital of the Queen of Sheba.


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Why should you go: Get up close and personal with wild safari animals like elephants and rhinos in this crowdless vacation spot. The wildlife reserve is one of many projects to preserve the wildlife here. Furthermore, the stunning lakes, high end beaches and gorgeous mountains, this place is picking up in terms of attracting tourists- meaning you have to get their quick!


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Why should you go: Home to 80% of the wildlife that can't be found anywhere else on the planet, this remote location of Madagascar is the ultimate "unplugged" vacation you deserve. In the north east part of the island, there are only 14 private villas and luxurious eco-lodges. Endless white sand beaches and coastal lines, this is truly paradise.


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Why should you go: Congo is overshadowed by the bigger African countries, meaning not many frequent this location. Luscious forests, rare wildlife and just as stunning cities in between, there is something for all travelers to seek out. Kayak and cruise through the Odzala-Kokua National Park- keep your eyes open for wild gorillas, elephants, buffalo and many others!

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Why you should go: Located in Central Asia, this country is landlocked and surrounded by 93% mountains, meaning it is the perfect place for the travelers who love the great outdoors. From mountain biking, rock climbing and trekking in the summer, to skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the winter, Kyrgyzstan offers a year round experience. Stay in traditional yurts for the complete nomadic experience. According to wanderlust magazine, this is quite possibly one of the most underrated travel destinations.


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Why should you go: Southeast Asia might be a very popular destination, however, Malaysia is very much overlooked and is home to cool highlands and lush tea plantations, mountains and jungles. This historically and culturally rich country allows you to take to the streets and indulge in some of the greatest street food, all the while visiting Muslim mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples, and Christian churches. From the metropolis that is Kuala Lumpur, to charming historical city of Malacca, you can witness the influences of China, India and many more!


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Why should you go: Easily one of the most, if not the spot, that is not usually listed as a vacation destination due to its safety issues, but travelers far and wide have visited this country and asserted that it actually quite safe. More so it is breathtaking. It’s got very lush forests in the Swabi region and some jaw-dropping deserts. Balochistan has around half of the great Thar Desert, one of the largest deserts in the world. Trek across the glaciers or hike up 80 of the world’s highest mountains, including the most incredible stretch of the Himalayas.

Ladakh, India


Why should you go: This is one of India's best kept secrets, that remains untouched and unexplored. At an altitude of 11, 500 ft, Ladakh is crisscrossed by four mountainous regions. The Buddhist temples and overall heritage offer a surreal experience, the mountains offer memorable views, and the villas you can stay in are an escapists dream come true. One of the most incredible things about this destination is that once night falls, stargazing is inevitable and mesmerizing.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

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Why should you go: Pure white beaches, crystal clear waters, dense jungles- sounds like true paradise right? This epic location has strings of about 800 deserted islands, so sail around and find the perfect one for you to discover. If you stubble upon the locals, let them take you on a journey through their indigenous stories and culture, while feeding you mouthwatering meals.

The Philippines 

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Why should you go: 7000 islands that are unlike any other in the world. This diverse country offers a wide range of culturally rich experiences along with all types of outdoor recreational activities on water and on land. There are world-class beaches sitting at the edge of cerulean waters, over 30 volcanoes, the spectacular rice terraces of Banaue, the Underground River National Park in Palawan and the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. The food is also unreal, and the locals are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.