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2 Alberta Black Bears Got Caught Playing With A Someone's Wind Chimes (VIDEO)

Prepare yourself for some wholesome content. A video has surfaced that shows two Alberta black bears playing with someone's wind chimes in a backyard. The curious duo were making music for the entire neighbourhood to hear and we're hoping they drop a mixtape soon. 

Bears have been popping up everywhere lately. Now that spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, bears are waking up and they are ready to make their presence known. 

There was even a family of five bear cubs spotted in B.C. 

Thankfully, the latest bear encounter isn’t a scary one, even though Alberta has some pretty intense bears with even more intense nicknames. 

A video posted by The Weather Network shows two curious black bears checking out a neighbourhood in Fort McMurray. 

Shelley Gladue took the video on Thursday, May 21. 

The video starts with the sight of the dynamic duo walking up to a fence and climbing over it. 

Once they get to the other side, there are so many cool things for them to check out, including a birdbath. 

But their attention is quickly drawn to the wind chimes. 

The video cuts and shows one of the two bears on the roof while the other is playing with the home’s wind chimes.

There's nothing like the sound of windchimes to calm you down from a startling bear sighting in your backyard. 

With the change in seasons, bear encounters and sightings are likely to become more common. 

While they are cute, we need to remember they're wild animals. 

To best prevent any dangerous situations in bear-heavy areas, it's important to keep food sources like garbage in places they cannot access, like indoors, in garages, and in bear bins. 

While black bear attacks are rare, it's important to know what to do should you find yourself near one. Alberta Parks notes that the best thing to do is keep calm, don't run, and make loud noises. 

Alberta Parks says that this could help scare off the bear. 

Information provided by the provincial government reads that the average weight of a black bear can be anywhere from 100 to 440 pounds. 

Black bears are not always black and can, in fact, be blond. While a rare sight, blond black bears are really beautiful. 

Most black bears in the province live in forested areas, though they can venture into town from time to time. 

While they may barge into our yards, it's best to just let these babies be and enjoy the music.