We’ve all heard the saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ Well in the age of social media that doesn’t seem to really be the case now as 2 men from Edmonton are getting quite a bit of attention for something they did on their trip to Sin City. 

In something like a scene out of The Hangover movie the pair decided they would just get into a random car stopped at a red light and ask for a ride. 

Yes, this really happened and it gets even better from here on in.  

True story: stopped at a light, two guys got in my car thinking I was an uber. Despite explaining I was not in fact an uber, they insisted. I drove them to caesars and they gave me $75. Thanks Craig and Bruce from Edmonton pic.twitter.com/j1ff7Cjl4T

June 2, 2018

Upon getting in the car, much to the surprise of the driver who repeatedly told them he did not work as an Uber driver, they asked to be taken to the iconic Caesars Palace. 

The driver, named Steve Kaye was pretty skeptical until the friendly pair of Canadians offered him $75 US for the ride. 

Kaye was apparently all for a little detour from what he was supposed to be doing at that point and more than help the pair get to where they were going.  

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The pair introduced themselves to Kaye as Craig and Bruce from Edmonton.  

Kaye found plenty of fame for his car ride on Twitter, he's even updated his Twitter bio to say that he's "basically famous in Canada." 

He's even offering to help resolve Canada's trade issues with the United States because he's the "new Vegas Ambassador to Canada."

Hey @JustinTrudeau : as the new Vegas Ambassador to Canada, happy to help with the trade agreement. Lemme know:) https://t.co/cn2HVz3aS5

June 5, 2018

If the pair of Canadians had actually taken an Uber ride from where they were to Caesars Palace it would have only cost them a little over $8 instead of the $75 they paid Kaye. 

But then again Canadians have a world wide reputation for being nice and generous so this is probably the most Canadian car ride ever.