We all may not be paramedics, but we all know that their job is to treat your injuries or even do all they can to save your life in extreme circumstances.

Well it seems that 2 paramedics in Ontario failed to do that and are now facing charges because of it.

And the story is absolutely heartbreaking when you understand the full situation. 

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Last year a 19-year-old Hamilton man attempted to intervene when he saw an older man being harassed by 2 people. The 19-year-old was then shot and died of his injuries in hospital shortly after.

Police now say that 2 paramedics who arrived at the scene did not treat the man properly and are now charged with failing to provide the necessities of life. 

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Some witnesses to the events claimed at the time that the ambulance took too long to arrive and that the paramedics dismissed the man’s injuries as not serious.

“For more than 20 minutes we asked the paramedics to take him to hospital and they said, ‘No, he was just fine,’” said Amin Al-Tahir who is a director at the Mostafa Islamic Centre mosque near where the shooting took place.

Al-Tahir says that the paramedics even started to laugh with each other and only took the victim to the hospital because a crowd started to form. 

Via HPS_Paramedics

The union that represents the paramedics says that it will fight the charges brought against the pair.

2 men were charged for the shooting, neither has had the charges tested in court yet. 

Source: Global