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20 Cheapest Places To Travel This Summer 2018

The wanderlust is real!
20 Cheapest Places To Travel This Summer 2018

Now that the freezing cold weather of winter is behind us we can look forward to the months to come that are going to be filled with sunshine, warmth and beach days. But the arrival of summer also brings that wanderlust feeling that nags at all of us around this time of the year. 

We've been cooped up for so long we just want to get out in the world and explore hidden tropical paradises, historic temples, ancient deserts, bustling markets and experience all the wonderful things that come with travel. 

We've spent all year dreaming about the places we hope to go one day but why can't that 'one day' be today? Usually the answer to that question is money, right? Well these spots are actually super affordable for Canadians to visit right now so don't hesitate, book a flight! 

20. Marrakech, Morocco 

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Average Flight: $948 roundtrip

Average Meal: $13

Morocco is a stunning destination and for a country that isn't that close by, it's not terribly expensive to travel there. You can spend your days watching the sunset and riding camels in the Sahara Desert, exploring markets filled with antiques and spices, and discovering ancient cities!

19. La Paz, Bolivia 

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Average Flight: $951 roundtrip

Average Meal: $16.50

Bolivia is a popular destination in South America because it's rich in culture and beautiful sites! Ride above the city on one of their cable car systems and see the stunning mountains in the distance and take a day trip to the gorgeous salt flats outside the city centre.

18. Sri Lanka

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Average Flight: $1,482 roundtrip

Average Meal: $8

While the flights to get all the way out to Sri Lanka are a little bit pricier, once you actually get there it's super affordable. There is so much amazing wildlife here and you can actually see it all up close and personal like a thirsty herd of elephants stopping for a drink, diving with blue whales, and even leopards hunting in the wild! The best way to get around is by train and you'll see unbelievably lush forests and breathtaking views as you go.

17. Zanzibar, Tanzania 

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Average Flight: $1,226 roundtrip

Average Meal: $14.75

You may think Zanzibar is a tropical destination that's completely out of reach, but it's actually pretty affordable! Spend your days lounging on white sandy beaches, snorkel with sea turtles, watch the most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen, and eat dinner at some seriously unique restaurants!

16. Kiev, Ukraine 

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Average Flight: $1,225 roundtrip

Average Meal: $11

Kiev is a super underrated European destination that Canadians should definitely take advantage of when they travel. In this city you can find so much beauty and excitement from vintage cafes to elaborate cathedrals to rainbow coloured houses! There's truly no shortage of stunning sights to see in this city.

15. Hoi An, Vietnam 

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Average Flight: $1,711

Average Meal: $8.50

Hoi An is known as the city of lanterns because tons of main streets are filling with colourful hanging lanterns! You can also find a bustling and exciting restaurant, bar and cafe scene here that will offer no shortage of amazing and unique spots to explore during your stay in the ancient city.

14. Goa, India

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Average Flight: $1,643 roundtrip

Average Meal: $9.75

India is a country that is full of culture and is already a super popular destination, but Goa is one of the best cities you can visit while you're there. Here you'll find miles of open beaches, tons of fun open air night clubs, tons of outdoor sports and activities and gorgeous historic churches.

13. Istanbul, Turkey 

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Average Flight: $1,290 roundtrip

Average Meal: $12.50

You probably already know a few things that Turkey is known for like their strong Turkish coffee, their endless amount of stunning mosques, their sweet treats called Turkish Delights, their breathtaking hot springs and so much more! You'll have an endless about of history, architecture, restaurants, markets and natural wonders to explore while you're here.

12. Monaco 

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Average Flight: $1,112 roundtrip

Average Meal: $30

You may be surprised to see Monaco on this list since it's a tiny country that's known for it's Royalty. Taking a flight to Nice, France is actually pretty affordable right now and then you can travel by train, bus or car into Monaco. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and is known for it's wealth and prestige, and their infamous Monte Carlo Casino of course! Once you're there you'll have to be careful where you dine and your accommodations because staying on a budget can get a little difficult if you don't plan ahead.

11. Zagreb, Croatia 

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Average Flight: $1,150

Average Meal: $15

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and marks the intersection between and Eastern and Western Europe. This city has tons to offer like the twisting medieval alleys of Lower Town, the modern shopping area in Jecacic Square, the outdoor farmers markets, the historic museums and so much more!

10. Namibia, Africa 

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Average Flight: $1,413 roundtrip

Average Meal: $13

This West African country is a beautiful place to visit and see the natural wonders this continent has to offer. Explore the untouched landscapes and see large African animals up close and personal in their national parks. Take a jeep tour over the oldest sand dunes in the world!

9. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Average Flight: $1,481 roundtrip

Average Meal: $10

Cambodia is one of the most affordable destinations in Southeast Asia to travel to right now. You can explore stunning temples, bustling outdoor markets, take a trip out to the massive Angor Wat Temple, and so much more!

8. Quito, Ecuador 

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Average Flight: $712 roundtrip

Average Meal: $10

Quito is definitely the cheapest destination for Canadians to travel to right now. The flights are incredibly cheap, the food is delicious (think empanadas for $1 each) and there's tons of affordable accommodations! I traveled here about 3 years ago and it was one of the most exciting places I've ever been to. We hiked active volcanoes, soaked in natural hot springs, shopped at bustling markets, and partied at night clubs. It was an unforgettable experience that cost next to nothing compared to other trips.

7. Chiang Rai, Thailand

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Average Flight: $2,276 roundtrip ($1,219 to Bangkok)

Average Meal: $6

The flight to this province in Northern Thailand is a bit pricey so an alternative would be to fly into Bangkok for about half the price and make your way here by bus. Once you're in Chiang Rai you'll find tons of delicious, cheap street food, stunning sights like the White Temple above and bustling outdoor markets!

6. Kathmandu, Nepal

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Average Flight: $1,796 roundtrip

Average Meal: $6

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and is has a whole lot to offer visitors. When you travel here you'll be captivated by the ancient squares, the maze of streets in the Old City, shopping in the tourist district of Thamel, and spot the monkeys at Swayambhunath Buddhist temple.

5. Cusco, Peru

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Average Flight: $879 roundtrip

Average Meal: $5

Peru is a dream destination for a lot of people because it holds some seriously historic sights. You can hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, enter into the extremely biodiverse Amazon, visit the Lake Titicaca the highest fresh water lake and hang out with adorable llamas.

4. Bucharest, Romania 

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Average Flight: $1,191 roundtrip

Average Meal: $13.50

Another super underrated European destination is Bucharest, Romania! You can explore the winding cobblestone streets, admire historic cathedrals, and be awestruck by all the impressive architecture that surrounds you.

3. Lisbon, Portugal 

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Average Flight: $942 roundtrip

Average Meal: $15

Lisbon is a stunning and affordable destination for Canadians right now. You can ride one of the cute yellow trams up the cobblestone hills, spot views of the Atlantic Ocean everywhere you turn, take a foodie tour through all the amazing restaurants, and take pictures of the colourful houses with flowers hanging out of every balcony!

2. Granada, Nicaragua 

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Average Flight: $624 roundtrip

Average Meal: $10

Granada is a great alternative to Mexico if you want to visit a tropical spot without the tourist resorts that Mexico is full of. Granada has tons of Spanish colonial influences in the architecture, you can explore gorgeous lagoons, artisan markets to peruse, and water activities on Lake Nicaragua!

1. Naples, Italy

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Average Flight: $1,064 roundtrip

Average Meal: $15

Naples is one of those rare spots in Italy that's actually affordable to visit right now! It's one of the largest and oldest cities in Italy home to Neapolitan pizza, bustling streets full of local cafes and delicious restaurants, breathtaking churches, and day trips to Pompeii!