Living in the modern dating world today, we have to put up with a lot of things. We have to deal with people ghosting us, everyone acts aloof and uninterested, there's almost no such thing as commitment and everything is done online.

It's hard to make an honest connection with someone when everyone is looking for different things but no one wants to be upfront about it. That's why dating apps can be such a struggle for a lot of people.

But even though the rules of dating have changed in our generation, doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to put ourselves out there! With all the different dating apps on the market right now, like Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, Bumble and Happn, it can be hard to find the one that's right for you.

Bumble and Happn are two new dating apps on the scene that both offer really unique ideas for how we should navigate the dating world. So which one is right for you? In the coming pages we'll go through how both apps work, their unique features, who you'll end be meeting, the quality of your conversations, and your success rate on each app!

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You Match With People Near You

All you have to do is sync the app with your location, choose how far you want the app to search for your potential matches and voila, an app full of new people to meet! Usually people set their location so that they can meet anyone and everyone using the Bumble app within their city.

Before any messages can be exchanged both people have to 'like' each other so that a conversation can occur. This way you won't get random people you don't want to interact with messaging you online.

The Girls Make The First Move

Bumble is considered 'the feminist version of Tinder' because it allows women to make the first move. Women have to message their match within the first 24 hrs or the match goes away and the men have to message back within 24 hrs or the match goes away.

As long as you're within the 'match zone' and are using Bumble you can basically match with any random person. It's not catered to anyone's similarities or differences, just that you're both using the same dating app and living in the same city.


You Match With People Within 250 Meters Of You

Happn is super unique in that it uses your exact GPS location to determine who you're crossing paths with during your day. It even tells you how many times you've crossed paths with that person during your day.

If the app tells you that you've crossed paths with that cute guy 15 times that day you can determine that you probably work in the same building, living super close to each other, frequent the same local cafe or even go to the same gym together. This allows you to match with people you might have similar interests with.

Anyone Can Send A Message Once You've Like Each Other

Once you've seen that you've crossed paths with that cute guy you recognize from your local cafe, gym or work building, all you have to do is like that person and wait to see if they like you back before you can strike up a conversation. But once both people like each other anyone can send the first message. There's no gender restrictions with this one.

You don't have to worry about any missed connections. You know when you see that cute guy/girl on the subway and you both give a small smile but you're too scared to actually approach them? Well, with Happn you get another shot at making that potential connection if you're both using the app. You can strike up a conversation without feeling completely awkward.

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You Can Use It For More Than Just Dating

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Bumble has both a Bumble BFF version of the app, making it more than just your typical dating app. Use Bumble BFF to discover cool new friends to do fun things with. Want to go to that awesome concert on Friday night but none of your friends are free? Get on Bumble BFF and meet someone with similar music tastes to go with you!

Bumble Bizz is Bumble's newest version of their app meant solely for networking and creating new business connections. Discover new job opportunities or find new ways to expand your business with this cool new function of the app.

They Have Unique Swiping Features

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Similar to Tinder, Bumble lets you 'Super Swipe' someone. This basically means that if you really like someone you can Super Swipe them so that they know you're interested, more interested than just a regular swipe right. It's definitely a way to show your sincere interest in someone, even though it might seem a little too desperate for a dating app.

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Unlike Tinder, if you accidentally swipe left on someone you really wanted to swipe right on, you can get that swipe back by shaking your phone to the right. This avoids that panic when you accidentally swipe left on a person you actually wanted to get to know.


It's Easy To Show Someone You Like Them

If you like someone on Happn it's not hard to make this clear to them. If you like someone all you have to do is click the red heart to show it. But you don't have to wait for a mutual like from the other person, you can send the person a 'charm' without them liking you back that they'll definitely see. It's similar to the Super Swipe that Bumble has.

There's no expiration time on your matches like there is with Bumble. If you pass someone and the app sends you a notification, that connection won't disappear until you click the 'X' button telling the app that you're not interested in that person. This gives you tons of time to decide if you like that guy that lives down the block. It's also ideal for people that have busy lives and don't check the app every single day.

You Can Go In Depth In Your Profile

Your profile on Happn goes really in-depth giving your potential matches lots to go off of before they decide if they like you. It includes your profession, education, up to 6 pictures and your location. You're also forced to create a Happn bio to go along with your profile, this way you won't get stuck wondering what that cute guy in your office building is all about.

You have the option of secretly liking someone on Happn. They won't be able to see if you decide to secretly like them. This feature basically allows you to bookmark the person if you want to look at their profile later. Who said you need to decide anything instantly!

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You'll Match With Lots Of Attractive People

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Bumble is known as an app that has an unlimited amount of attractive people using it. You'll see tons of cute guys with amazing jobs that love to travel and you'll see tons of gorgeous girls with great jobs that are super down to Earth. You'll be a little overwhelmed with all the attractiveness on this app.

While it seems like there's tons of super attractive people on Bumble, it's becoming pretty suspicious. You'll swipe right on all the gorgeous people that literally look like models and have the perfect bios only to never receive a match back. Users are starting to notice and accusing Bumble of creating fake profiles to keep people interested.

You'll Find Lots Of Cliche Profiles

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You'll run into tons of profiles with guys holding adorable puppies, the fish they caught last summer that one time and bios that state they're not looking for anything serious on this app. It is a dating app so you have to know what you're getting into already, right?

Apparently a big cliche on dating app profiles for women is that they talk about how much they love traveling, good vibes and aren't looking for hookups. I mean, if you love traveling and aren't looking for hookups I don't see what's wrong with putting that in your profile, but only if you really mean it.


You'll Meet People That Have The Same Interests As You

You can easily meet people that have the same ideas of a good time as you do. Maybe you frequent a usual bar after work with your coworkers and so do they. Maybe you like spending your Sunday afternoons at the local cafe preparing your work for the week. You can find people that also like doing those things and maybe enjoy doing them together.

There's a big selection of matches in business districts of big cities because mostly professionals like using Happn. Since you list your profession on your profile you can see which people have interesting careers that you might like to learn about. You can meet fellow, young and driven humans that you have lots in common with.

You'll Meet People Looking For A Real Connection

The majority of Happn users are typically older, not necessarily old, but they've started their careers and are making moves toward the future that they want. They know where they want to go in the future, what kind of hobbies they're interested in and just generally have their sh*t together.

Since Happn users generally have their lives together and know what they're looking for with their futures, you can basically bet that they're not on there just to find someone to hook up with that night. They're looking for real relationships and lasting connection. It's for the real romantics in the bunch that want to take advantage of those missed connections and meat someone they have a lot in common with.

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The Time Restrictions Make Conversations Pretty Difficult

A really common issue people have when using Bumble is that you'll match with someone, craft a super witty opening line and then get nothing back and the match expires. Eventually you end up ditching the witty lines and just going with a classic 'hey' because it's too difficult to craft cute pickup lines for every single guy within 24 hrs of matching with them, especially if they're just going to ignore it and let the match expire anyways.

Another common issue Bumble users experience is that even if you send a cute line and the person answers before the match expires, there's a good chance that the conversation will fizzle out before anything happens. The majority of your conversations on Bumble won't actually end in a date or number exchange, unfortunately.

You'll Get A Lot Of Creepy Messages 

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We all know that dating apps are full of really creepy people and you just can't expect what will come out in that opening message. Bumble is meant for women to send the first message in order to avoid those unfortunate intros that guys use, but it clearly doesn't work all that well. You'll still get solicited for sex, a lot.

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You'll also unfortunately still receive d*ck pics even with the 'women message first' motto of Bumble. You apparently can't stop men from sending you unsolicited pics of their junk, which really doesn't make sense, but it's something they do a lot on apps like Bumble.


Conversations Are Hard To Come By

From what a lot of people are saying about Happn is that there's a really high turnover rate. People will download the app, maybe get a little creeped out by the fact that people can see your exact location and they'll end up deleting the app. It may also be the fact that matches are pretty hard to come by on this app.

Real conversations are very hard to come by on Happn. A lot of people who use this app will tell you that they got 6 matches and 0 conversations or they ended up with 1 conversation that really didn't go anywhere. This could be because of the fact that people delete the app or just let it sit there and never open it causing a lot of unanswered messages and matches going to waste.

It's Easy To Find Similarities To Talk About 

Because the app allows you to input your education, job title, a bio, 6 pictures and your Spotify account, it makes it super easy to find some common ground in your conversations. If you both love the same music or you work in the same field then you already have a jumping off point to turn that match into a real date!

Once you do get a conversation started on Happn, chances are you'll actually really like them. The app is mostly used by like-minded professionals that just want to meet new people that they enjoy spending time with. Once you get a conversation started with one of your matches you might be surprised how much you actually like them.

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Is Bumble the better app in the long run? If you're a girl and you're committed to making that first move every time you want to start a conversation on Bumble, then this app is a good option. Having to send a witty intro to every guy you match with does become a little exhausting which could lead to less witty pickup lines and less responses from guys.

Once you do get past that initial pickup line stage fright you have to hope that the guy will respond within 24 hours or the match completely goes away, taking your adorable, well thought out pickup line with them! But it is a really fun and unique idea that women have to take charge in the dating world for a change. It's refreshing to see this idea since women are mostly taught to sit back and wait for men to come to them, which really isn't productive in the long run.

Getting past that initial interaction should lead to a decent conversation and even getting a date or exchanging numbers. However, lots of people, myself included, never really got to this point on Bumble. After starting a nice conversation with a few back and forths, the next move is to set up a date. But a lot of people using this app have said that the conversation usually fizzles out before this point.

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Even though it might be difficult to end up with an actual date on Bumble, if you do you might find that you'll meet someone you like. Bumble is used by people that have the 'whole package', they've got the looks, humour, and a good job so you could find that you meet someone really awesome off this site.


Is Happn the better app in the long run? The idea of meeting people that you frequently pass on the street that you probably had a missed connection with is a really romantic idea for a modern dating app. Some people may find this idea a little bit creepy but the app promises that you exact location will never be revealed so people can't actually hunt you down if they want to.

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The idea behind the charms in addition to likes is a pretty smart idea so you can show someone that you're definitely interested in them. However, while women get unlimited charms to use, men only get 10 free ones before they have to pay extra for them. This is a sneaky way to take advantage of the way women and men use dating apps differently.

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It is also pretty difficult, according to Happn users, to actually start conversations with people on this app. Maybe it's because there's a lot of fake profiles, or maybe people download the app but never open it. Whatever the reason, it could be hard to start an actual conversation on this app until it becomes more popular.

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If you do make a connection with someone, chances are you'll have lots to talk about both on the app, and on your date. Since the app is mostly used by mature professionals that know what they want in their lives, you can bet that you'll have insightful, fun conversations when you're out on a date together.