20 Drake Halloween Costume Ideas If You Want To Go From 0 To 100

Real quick.
20 Drake Halloween Costume Ideas If You Want To Go From 0 To 100

Fvck bein' on some chill shit, you need a costume for Halloween so let's go 0 to 100 real quick. Throw on your best OVO shirt and get a new fade for that famous drizzy hairdo. The eyebrows also appear to be a popular thing too.

Halloween is awesome because we get to dress up as our favourite people, and Drake is definitely one of the faves. Rep your favourite song by being one of the Hotline Bling girls or just straight up writing the lyrics on your shirt.

Here are 20 Drake Halloween Costume Ideas If You Want To Go From 0 To 100, real quick.

Hotline Bling Office Girl & Drake Costume

This is by far the cutest costume ever! #familygoals for sure! Just when you thought Hotline Bling couldn't get any better, it did.

OVO Drake Costume

Basically rockin' that OVO swag better than the models. This is the cutest little Drake I've ever seen! Watch out ladies!

Hotline Bling Office Girls Costume

This is the most perfect group costume for your squad. Grab the girls and get on those headsets and work, work, work, work, work.

Drake On The Cover Of Fader Costume

Drake has been on a lot of magazine covers but on this cover of Fader he has that distinguishable toothpick. I wonder what kind of appy he was eating before?

Drake - Right Hand Costume

This cute couples costume is super creative and gets mad points for being unique yet easy to do. It's definitely a "go-to".

Nicki Minaj & Drake Costume

What would Drake be without Nicki Minaj? The two are a match made in Halloween couple costume heaven.

Nicki Minaj & Drake Costume

So this is the most adorable Nicki Minaj and Drake costume I've ever seen! Are #childgoals a thing? If so, they nailed it!

Nothing Was The Same Album Costume

How hilarious is this? If you live that gym life and have your biceps on point, then you won't mind holding this background up all day.

Hotline Bling Box Costume

This is one of my favourite costumes out of them all! Mostly because it lights up and he's wearing a box and dancing in it.

Serena Williams & Hotline Bling Drake Costume

This costume is easy if you're a big Drake fan because you probably already own some tan boots and something Jordan.

Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, & Hotline Bling Drake Costume

Who can forget the beef these 3 had? Regardless, the tracks that came out of it we're fire, and we all know who won.

Drake Eyebrows Costume

Drakes legendary eyebrows are the secret sauce to really making your costume next level. Those eyebrows though!

Hotline "Bling" Costume

Put the bling in Hotline Bling and just ball out! It's really probably just a Bedazzler but that's besides the point.

Drake - 4422 Costume

So no it doesn't say 4422, it's Fetty Wap's 1738, but here we're all about Drake. So just switch up the numbers to 4422 and rep More Life or some 416.

Drake, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj

Young Money is where it all began! Get your crew to dress up as our favourites from Young Money Entertainment.

Nothing Was The Same Album Couples Costume

This costume wins for most unique couples costume. Like who thinks to dress up as the background? That's love.

Hotline Bling Drake Costume

So much Hotline Bling! Gotta love those turtlenecks though. The white pants are just mint, but I think it's just an excuse to wear a turtleneck.

Hotline Bling Dress Costume

This is a super cute girly take on clearly the most popular Drake song ever. I love the old phone cord attached to the dress.

Drake & Nicki Minaj Costume

If you thought the previous eyebrows costume was funny well this one is just outrageous! What are those even made of?

DJ Khaled feat. Drake - No New Friends Costume

If you're that person at the party who doesn't want any new friends, Drake's got you. He actually was the one who shared this photo.

Via kanyetothe

Nothing Was The Same Album Costume

There have been a lot of the Nothing Was The Same album cover costumes but this one is totally the funniest! He took those dimensions seriously!