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What A $200K House Looks Like In Different Canadian Provinces (PHOTOS)

Some have beautiful backyards too 😍
What A $200K House Looks Like In Different Canadian Provinces (PHOTOS)

Ever wondered what $200,000 could get you in Canada's real estate market? Well, we've got answers. 

The True North is pretty vast provinces stretching far and wide, but with that comes differences in the sizes of homes and the land0  they sit on.

Even when the homes cost the exact same.  

We found six homes scattered across Canada that come with the same price tag but have very different looks. You can decide if it's more bang for your buck!


Price: $200,000

Address: 4811 18th Ave., Edson, AB

Description: This three-bedroom home is charming and comes with a beautiful private backyard.

[image 5fb01bb97cb221440f9d2613]

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British Columbia  

Price: $200,000

Address: 9604 13A St., ​Dawson Creek, BC

Description: Don't be fooled by this tiny oasis because it comes compact with a very large backyard.

[image 5fb01f34b7aea04469e205aa]

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New Brunswick

Price: $169,900

Address:13 Gurney Dr., Moncton, NB

Description: Not only is this one way under budget, but the backyard looks perfect for nature lovers!

[image 5fb027cf1e7aff442e23d9c9]

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Address:1617 Mountdale Ave., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: If the cute exterior of this cheap house isn't enough to sell you on it, the fully updated modern kitchen probably will.

[image 5fb029007cb221440f9d2671]

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Price: $200,000

Address: 395-397 rue St-Alexandre, Napierville, QC

Description: This home was built in 1958 and has lots of charm!

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Address: 1857 Halifax St., Regina, SK

Description: This gorgeous home meets modern and old school and is a hundred bucks under budget!

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