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9 Canadian Celebs Who Want You To Get Out And Vote Today

This your future, people!
9 Canadian Celebs Who Want You To Get Out And Vote Today

Today is a super important day for Canada as we're getting out to vote for the leaders of our country for the next four years. In the past few years, Millennials have upped their voting game and started to actually care about who is running their country and determining their future. It's awesome to see a society of young people who are passionate about their environment and even politics. They're not the only ones who deeply care. The 2019 election has Canadian celebrities encouraging people to vote today. 

Our current Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau and he has been head of the Liberals since being elected in 2015. Voting today determines whether or not Trudeau will stay in office or someone else will get voted in. Tons of celebs have taken to Twitter and Instagram to show their support for voting, though one of the biggest people who is supporting Trudeau is actually Obama. He took to Twitter to say that he "was proud to work with Justin Trudeau" and that he hopes to see Canadians "support him for another term."

Despite the fact that Obama is an American and a former President of the United States, there are tons of other Canadian celebrities who shared words of encouragement online. Most said to get out and vote today, and some even couraged advanced voting with their giant fanbases.

The most prominent celeb that practically broke the internet last week is Vancouver born hunk, Ryan Reynolds. He posted a photo on Wednesday of his new baby girl saying that he wants his daughters "to experience the same natural playground" he was raised on. And just days before that, Reynolds also sent out a Tweet with a link to information about voting in Canada. So he's been super active with informing his audience about voting. 

Dan Levy, Toronto-born star of Schitt's Creek, also went on Twitter during Thanksgiving weekend reminding Canadian citizens that advanced polling stations were open and to "check your voter information card." 

Tegan and Sara just visited Toronto this weekend for back-to-back concerts and posted a photo thanking their fans for going to the shows. The Calgary-born gals posted a lengthy caption that ended with a friendly reminder to "VOTE TOMORROW! DO NOT PUT IT OFF! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE." linking to the elections website.

Perhaps the most passionate of the Canadian celebs who have encouraged voting today is B.C.-born Pamela Anderson. She went on Twitter expressing her support for the Green Party of Canada, which supports livable incomes and a welfare system. Anderson ended her Tweet with "Your vote is just as important as everyone else’s." 

Toronto-born Degrassi star, Annie Clark, posted an adorable photo of herself with a caption addressing Canadians of legal voting age to get out and vote today, especially those who care about climate change. And B.C.-born Jewel Staite of Firefly also posted a Tweet reminding Canadians that advanced polls were open and that "All the cool people" vote.

Calgary-born singer, Jann Arden, also posted a simple Tweet saying, "Vote tomorrow. It's your country - take some ownership and be part of one of the most important things you will do in your lifetime!"

Both Jonathan Scott of The Property Brothers and Ellen Page of The Umbrella Academy retweeted posts from the Elections Canada official Twitter as simple reminders to their audience to use their Canadian citizenship to vote for their future. 

Today is an incredibly important day in Canada and we hope these celebs encouraged you to get out and vote! 

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