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6 Cheap Coolers On Amazon Canada That Make Going To The Beach This Summer A Breeze

There's nothing that feels quite so decadent as enjoying a cold drink out in the hot sun while lying on the beach! We've scoured Amazon for the 2019's best summer coolers to bring to the beach with you so can have the most chill time ever this summer. These are not your average, plastic, bulky Coleman coolers that your family used for barbeques and picnics.

These coolers are going to fit your lifestyle without cramping your style. It's 2019, after all, and no one needs to be lugging around a plastic behemoth to the beach. Here are six coolers you can get on Amazon Canada that will make every beach trip a total breeze this summer:

Juvale Travel Tote Bag

Price: $22.46

Why you need it: The tropical pattern and low-key vibe won't have you feeling like a grandma at the beach trying to keep your snacks and drinks cold!

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Arctic Zone Insulated Picnic Carrier

Price: $32.49

Why you need it: This looks like a weekend bag but it's actually going to chill drinks for you and your friends all summer long.

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Iceberg Island Inflatable Floating Cooler

Price: $19.49

Why you need it: Finally, a product that solves the problem of needing a cold drink while you're floating on the lake. You can also put your empties inside—multi-purpose!

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Ultra Compact Cooler Smart Cart

Price: $37.90

Why you need it: Drinks are heavy and this cart has wheels so when you're dragging it through a hot parking lot or on a trail to the beach you'll be so grateful. Plus it's got a ton of room for literally everything you'd want to eat or drink at the beach.

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TOURIT Insulated Backpack Cooler

Price: $43.99

Why you need it: This low-key cooler works as a backpack to evenly distribute the weight of all your drinks making it so easy to get your refreshments to the shore.

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30 Can Soft-Sided Collapsible Cooler

Price: $37.13

Why you need it: This sleek and collapsible cooler takes up no space in your home when you don't need it!

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