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2020 Wolf Moon Will Rise In Florida Skies

In 2020, a Wolf Moon will rise and peak on January 10, and you can see this uniquely named full moon glowing in Florida skies. Named for wolves howling "at the moon" in the wintertime, it is known for its history and beauty.

The best places to view the celestial event in Florida are secluded spots away from city lights. This includes state parks like Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Park and quiet beaches like Turner Beach. Ideally, it will rise on a clear night for optimal viewing. 

The Wolf Moon is also known as Snow Moon and Ice Moon, among other wintry nicknames. Anglo-Saxons named it the Moon after Yule, which is a celebration of the Winter Solstice.

Native Americans and Europeans throughout history would name the months, and today, we use these nicknames to name the lunar events. January's Wolf Moon likely got its name because wolves howl frequently in the first months of the year. 

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The Wolf Moon in 2020 will also undergo an eclipse, visible only from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, according to EclipseWise. This eclipse, known as a penumbral lunar eclipse, is subtle and may not be seen with the naked eye.

If you love wolves, check out this wolf sanctuary in Florida where you can cuddle wolves for just $15. For more on astronomical events, there will be a meteor shower in December that you can see from Florida.

Look skyward this winter for a glimpse of the Wolf Moon in Florida skies; and if you just can not get enough, you can check here for more upcoming celestial events like this one. 

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