As the Global Climate Strike kicks off worldwide, people are walking out of schools, workplaces, and homes to join the fight for climate action. The strike is taking place from September 20 to 27 around the globe and Canada's strikes are happening on Friday, September 27 and tons of creative Global Climate Strike sign ideas have already emerged.

If you want to join the march but you're stumped when it comes to crafting up your sign, we've got you. You've already got enough to stress about, let's not add a witty slogan to the mix. We've rounded up some of the most unique and hard-hitting sign ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The history-making march will be taking place in 150 countries over the seven-day period and Canada's streets will be exploding with activists fighting for change. Though not all of Canada's schools have agreed to cancel classes, over 100 schools in Vancouver will close their doors in support of the strike. 

If you're fired up to fight for your planet and you're looking to make a memorable sign for the occasion, these ideas will give you the inspiration you need.

It's Getting Hot in Here

It's not true until Nelly says it's true. You heard the man, it's getting hot in here.

Science Not Fiction

It may be simple but it really says it all. A pop of colour sure doesn't hurt.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

We can all relate to this sentiment. We may not be worthy of this beautiful planet, but we sure can try to keep it nice.

Make Earth Great Again

It has a nice ring to it. Have we heard it somewhere before?

March Now Or Swim Later

If you're going for a hard-hitting message to get people stoked to march, this might just do the trick.

It's Getting Hot In Here With A Twist

"So take off all your goals." Turns out Nelly is offering endless inspiration during this year's climate strike.

We Did Start The Fire

This shocking sign gives people the chance to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Little Sign, Big Message

This tiny little sign speaks volumes and has a side benefit of being cute as can be.

We Can't Eat Money

We like money as much as the next guy but the sign doesn't lie, we really can't eat that kind of bread.

Lettuce Turnip The Heat

There's nothing like a good vegetable pun to show that you care about the environment.

I Don't Want to Be a Hot Dog

This one really hit 'em where it hurts. If people aren't getting enough attention, dogs should do the trick.

Climate Is Changing Why Aren't We

Might as well deck-out your sign with a question that is definitely not rhetorical.

Respect Your Mother

A little shout out to Mother Nature. This sign has some timeless advice that is relevant in any and all situations.

It's the End of the World as We Know it

This one really hits home by throwing us off track on the lyrics to a smash hit by Great Big Sea. We're not fine.

Imagine What We Could Do

A powerful message that deserves to be followed by a mic drop.

A Flower Child Needs Her Flowers

Because we're all flower children at heart, this sign is perfect for anyone who loves smelling the roses.

I Just Took A D.N.A. Test

As if Lizzo isn't already the inspiration for everything we do, this idea is a total no-brainer.

I Don't Like Change

This outrageously relatable sign is the millennial motto we've all been waiting for. No one likes change, right?

Help Me

A jarring but effective call for help.

Life In Plastic Is Not Fantastic

We are sorry, Barbie, you were wrong about this one. Turns out plastic isn't all it's cracked up to be.

My Boyfriend Left Me for the Climate

Keep those S/Os close by, the climate is hotter than ever.

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