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21 Little Ways To Relieve Your Anxiety Without Medication

Because anxiety sucks.
21 Little Ways To Relieve Your Anxiety Without Medication

No matter what kind of anxiety you deal with, it's not fun. Whether it's full blown panic attacks or just having anxiety thinking about a flight you have next week, we all deal with some sort of anxiety. If you feel like anxiety is taking over your life, it's best to talk to your doctor to come up with a plan that works for you. 

If you're not familiar with anxiety, which is rare these days, it's the feeling of your heart racing, your palms getting sweaty, your breathing becomes shallow and there are a ton of other feelings that can come to be as well. While some people feel their anxiety is best helped by medication, others rely on therapy to help them cope or you can even do a mixture of both. It is totally and completely your choice. 

Since anxiety comes from all different situations, it's hard to feel like anyone would relate to your problems. However, there are so many people in the world with anxiety. Yes, even celebrities deal with it. Whether you choose to go on medication or not, there are still some natural things that you can do that can help relieve your stress and anxiety. 

1. Go for a walk and listen to a motivational podcast 

I recommend The Secret, The Power, or even a funny podcast like Chris D'Elias Congratulations.

2. Put lavender essential oils on your temples 

3. Up your intake of Magnesium and Omega-3

Magnesium supplements are a natural muscle relaxant and you can get omega-3 from fish oil tablets or fish in general.

4. Distract yourself with something, like cleaning, you get your mind off of the symptoms 

5. Read books about how the mind works when it comes to anxiety

Workbooks like Mind over Mood and The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook will help you tackle situations that make you anxious so that you can conquer your fears.

6. Practice meditating, even for 5 minutes a day

7. Sweat it out

Exercise is the #1 natural remedy for anxiety. I promise you, it works if you stick with it.

8. Make sure you eat breakfast, even if you don't have an appetite in the morning

9. Laugh it out

Invite your friends over and have a comedy movie night. Laughing is the best therapy and you can stay in your pyjamas all night.

10. Treat yourself to a deep tissue massage 

11. Quit drinking alcohol 

Drinking alcohol can make your anxiety go away for the night, but then they'll hit you even harder the next day.

12. Drink chamomile tea

13. Practice gratitude 

The app Five Minute Journal is perfect, because it will get you to see all the things you have in your life instead of focusing on the negative.

14. Eat natural sugar, like a banana, if you feel anxious which will lower your blood sugar 

15. Get tests done to see if you're missing any important vitamins or nutrients in your diet

I've heard stories about how people were anxious and depressed for no reason, and it's because they were extremely deficient in vitamin B and vitamin D.

16. Stay away from caffeine, as it raises your heart rate and makes you even more anxious

17. Make sure you're getting enough sleep

It can be much harder to sleep when you're anxious, or all you want to do is sleep. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night is crucial to feel your best the next day, and try getting up at the same time even on weekends.

18. Have a go-to friend to talk to, and one that understands you

19. Take a probiotic

Probiotics are so important when it comes to our overall health. Whether you get them from a pill, yogurt, kombucha, etc., if your gut health is off, so is your mental clarity and that can offset your everything in your body.

20. Spend less time online and more time out in nature

21. Drink a ton of water 

Your body can actually act up when it's dehydrated. And it's even worse if you're always dehydrated. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, and if you find you're getting up to go to the bathroom every half hour then that means you're drinking the right amount.

If you are struggling with this topic or any other mental illness, please click here to get the help you deserve.

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