21 Unwritten Rules All Canadians Live By

An unofficial guide to Canuck living.

Like any cultural group, Canadians have their own unofficial guidelines for living honourable and fulfilling lives. Being Canadian is thus much more than just a nationality listed on an ID - it's about adhering to a set of social customs and beliefs that are universally accepted by citizens across the country.

Below are 21 unwritten rules of being Canadian, crowd sourced from proud residents across the country. How many of them do you follow?

1. Always roll up the rim to win, even if it hurts your teeth.

2. Say sorry in every situation, even when it isn't warranted.

3. Check the wind chill before leaving the house in the winter.

4. Wear your winter coat when trick-or-treating even if it ruins your costume (do not suffer for fashion).

5. Go to work even in a snow storm. There are no such things as snow days.

6. Avoid folding your money. Seriously, creases don't look good on plastic.

7. Warm up your car's engine for a few minutes before driving in the winter.

8. Complain about the weather, even if there's nothing to complain about.

9. Hold the door open for someone, even if they're still 200 meters away.

10. Terminate your sentences with the interjection "eh" where applicable.

11. Feel free to refer to a loonie as a dollar, but you must always refer to $2 as toonies.

12. Own at least one piece of plaid clothing and a jean shirt or jacket.

13. Never taunt Canada geese, no matter how annoying they are. 

14. Stick out the lines at Tim Hortons, no matter how long they are.

15. Feel free not to shave your legs in the winter. It's pants season.

16. Always keep a shovel in your car, even in the spring time. 

17. Enjoy bacon, poutine and maple syrup. Even if you don't.

18. Never just order a single Timbit. You're not a savage.

19. Use the metric system and the metric system only.

20. Do not, I repeat, do not speak ill of Celine Dion. 

21. Never hesitate to tell the world how proud you are to be Canadian.

Okay, so some of these are a bit exaggerated. But at their core, they bear some truth!