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22 Instagram Fit Girls In British Columbia That Will Leave You Crazy Motivated For The Gym

We are well on our way into 2019 and if you have made some personal health and fitness goals for the year, we know it's hard to stay motivated. How do you reconcile your brunch lifestyle with your healthy lifestyle? Can you balance mimosas and protein shakes?

It's especially hard to get fit in the winter when you just want to curl up and watch Netflix to escape the cold. There are only so many times you can afford to go skiing and snowboarding in one season! Also, who wants to go to the gym when there are so many mountains and trails to explore? These fitness gurus post-workout tips, videos, ideas and more to get you started in the gym and to keep you motivated. 

We've found 21 of the most inspiring women on Instagram from B.C. that will totally motivate you to reach your personal goals. Many of these Instagram fit girls love to get out into the woods for their fitness routines. Since they always say abs are made in the kitchen, you'll find photos of meal preps and healthy food, too! From pilates and fitness instructors to coaches and average girls who love to be fit, you'll find plenty of local fitspo in this list! 

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Cam Lee // @camleeyoga

One of the top yoga content creators in Vancouver, Cam Lee's Instagram is full of impressive poses and beautiful locations. She'll really inspire you to dive deeper into your practice! I love Cam's white and pastel aesthetic and I think she looks simply gorgeous in yoga-onesies! She's one of the most popular yoga Instagram accounts around, let alone in British Columbia.

Catrina Judge // @catrinajudge

You'll find everything from model poses in athletic gear to seriously sweaty gym sessions on Catrina's Instagram. Her feed has great variety and plenty to keep you inspired to do one more rep! She's also a personal trainer so her tips are pretty easy to follow and she knows what works. 

Colleen Campbell // @colleenncampbell

Colleen is a fitness motivator for all women who are struggling. Her story is totally inspiring! You'll gain a lot of confidence from watching her empower herself. Follow her for a little company on your own fitness journey plus a few cool travel shots thrown in for good measure. 

Mara Branscombe // @marabranscombe

Mara is more than just a yoga teacher! She's a leader in the community and a Lululemon ambassador. She teaches meditation and has a focus on self-care, so when you follow her you are reminded to take care of yourself every day! Her Instagram will inspire you to get back to your regular practice, connect with nature and find your tribe. 

Meghan // @shebakesandlifts

Meghan's account is an absolute must-follow for her actionable and easy-to-follow instructional posts! I also love how she doesn't care about what the scale says and focuses more on getting stronger and eating healthily. Her progress on her own fitness journey is amazing and it will make you believe that your own goals are possible, too! She's breaking the 'restrictive' dieting mindset one lunge at a time.

Carolyn Anne Budgell // @carolynannebudgie

Carolyn embodies both the yoga lifestyle and the 'get outside' fitness ethos so well! Follow her for yoga and meditation inspo. She leads retreats around the world so you get a little travel on the side when you follow. This is one of my favourite accounts to follow because I love her workout style.

 Aesha Chanté Young // @aeshachante_fitness

Aesha's colourful Instagram feed is stunning! You absolutely want to follow her if you like to watch Instagram Stories for fitness inspiration and workouts. I also love the green plant theme she has going on! She does a lot of boxing and intense fitness moves that will really get you motivated for the gym.

Teresa Dunnigan // @teresadunnigan

Right in her Instagram, online coach, Teresa explains that she helps women build booties and transform their minds! Having the right mindset will help lift you up every time and it's way more important than motivation. She has a lot of great ideas for using free weights, too. Follow her for serious fitspo!

Shauna Jense // @shaunajense

Shauna is a BC health and fitness coach who's Instagram is on point. From her colour scheme to her mix of fitness and lifestyle posts, it's a lot of fun to see what she's up to and she has a lot of easy fitness tips. She also has one of the most beautiful Instagram themes on this list and it will leave you inspired to incorporate fitness more into your life!

Courtney Wass // @courtneyw_fit

Courtney is a vegan personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Langley who posts workout routines, inspiring words and style inspo! You'll get great tips for lifting weights and a little bit of style thrown in. 

Angela Liguori // @angelaliggs

If you prefer your workouts en plein air, then you'll definitely want to give Angela a follow. Her shots of dramatic views around the province and cozy camping getaway snaps are amazing! With 143k followers, she's one of the most popular fitness girls in the province.

Renée Drochmann // @hungrybeargrazing

Renée is an Aussie transplant who teaches Pilates and Aqua Aerobics in Vancouver! Her Instagram is full of tasty food, healthy recipes and a lot of pancakes. If you want inspo on how to live a more balanced life and make fitness fun, then you don't want to miss out on this account!

Hailey Van Dyk // @haileyvandyk

Hailey is a serious trail runner who knows no bounds. Following her will really inspire you to go on a hiking trip out in the wild. She's travelled around the world running off the beaten track in places like Nepal and Costa Rica. 

Andrea Clark // @nectaryogabnb

Andrea owns her own yoga centre on Bowen Island where she leads yoga and detox retreats that are unforgettable! You'll get yoga inspo and interior design inspiration since she often posts photos of her Instagram perfect cabins and lofts. Follow her and plan your getaway ASAP!

Hilary Ann // @thehilaryann

Hilary is an ultrarunner and climber whose high-quality photos of the outdoors are stunning! Whether she's climbing mountains or running on the seawall, her shots are the perfect supplement for your healthy lifestyle. 

 Syd Langston // @sydlangston

Syd has abs for days and she posts both from British Columbia and Australia. You'll get sunny beach shots and plenty of local fitness how-tos with when you follow her. She's also a bikini competitor!

Sarah Bogue // @sarahb_fit

Sarah's account is one of the most practical ones to follow if you're interested in improving your fitness. She posts daily workout videos and has great ideas for mixing it up in the gym. You have to follow this account if you want to see some serious gains!

Marisa Hope // @marisahopeee

Marisa is a coach and natural bikini competitor in Victoria with great content on her Instagram. In every photo, she looks strong and beautiful! She has great workout videos and recipes that you can snapshot and save for later. Use them to help you along your fitness journey.

 Phaedra Wright // @phaedrafitness

Phaedra has almost 200k followers on Instagram who love her fitness posts! She has a fitness, lifestyle and consulting company so she's basically a boss in and out of the gym. I love the shots of her helping her clients because it shows that she really knows the right form and what it takes to see results and make lasting change.

 Sonya Wright // @sonyafitwright

Sonia is a personal trainer at the Equinox in Vancouver. Whether you want to lift, stretch or chill, her Instagram has everything you need! Her instructional videos are great and she does a great job showing you the right form. She almost makes the +$200 per month Equinox membership look worth it!

Brooke // @brooke.jacqueline

Brooke is a vegan Megan Fox look-alike who teaches Pilates in Vancouver. Her at simple at-home workout tips are great for newbies looking to get into fitness. Plus, if you're looking to improve your squat, then she's the girl to follow! Her long legs and flexibility will keep you motivated to never skip leg day again.

Samantha Clarke // @samanthashakiraclarke

One of the reasons why Sarah has so many followers is because of her raw honesty! She totally keeps it real. I love her travel shots and yoga videos. She's a fitness Instagrammer who is really going places, and I don't just mean her travel content!

KJ // @_kandisj

KJ's feed is lots of fun! She's a personal trainer and coach who has great ideas for getting on the right track. Her workout videos use a variety of cool gym equipment so that you can try them out without feeling intimidated!

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