23 Canadian Makeup Artists You Need To Check Out Right Now

Canada has some of the most creative makeups artists in the beauty game!

It isn't uncommon for the average Canadian to be scrolling through Instagram and to come across a beauty guru in their feed. Why? It's become extremely evident that beauty and makeup have become a massive industry for the millennial generation. As someone who works in the media industry, I've noticed a massive shift in the way brands choose to advertise as younger generations are more interested in purchasing from brands that their favourite social media stars support. 

I've always had so much respect for the women and men who are makeup artists. Not only do I think it involves having a creative eye, but also an ability to connect with the individual you're working on. It's almost like each person is a completely new canvas for a makeup artist to bring to life. 

This weekend beauty guru James Charles was in Toronto and it caused MASS CHAOS at Square One where fans of the celebrity flooded the mall. But do you know some of the biggest Canadian makeup artists names who give Charles a run for his money?

See below for the top 23 beauty gurus that span coast to coast and have grown massive followings of dedicated fans for their incredible work. 

@glamzilla // Toronto, Ontario

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Glamzilla is a makeup artist from Toronto, Ontario. Known for her incredible personality (a personal friend of mine) and her incredible creativity, it's no surprise that she's grown such a large following. In addition to her creativity on social media, she also got to show off her makeup skills on the hit Kim Kardashian show, GLAMMASTERS!

@leighdickson // Vancouver, British Columbia

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Leigh Dickson from Vancouver, British Columbia describes herself as a little bit retro, little bit rock & roll, and lots of colour! Dickson is known to often change her hair colour and has rocked everything from jet black locks to lime green. In addition to her colourful hair, some of Dickson's posts that have the largest engagement show her in an eerier setting.

@makeupbysooni - Calgary, Alberta

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Sooni from Calgary, Alberta is one of my personal favourites who doesn't hesitate to show off her creative side. From incredible eye looks to perfecting chiselled brows you really can't go wrong following her. Not to mention, her and her hubby recently got married!

@kimberleymargarita_ // Victoria, British Columbia

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I've known Kimberley for a long time and she is one of the most creative people I know. She has the ability to transform herself into an entirely different person, which I think shows off her true talent as an artist. She's done incredible looks ranging from recreating Lush #bathart looks to recreating iconic TV characters such as Cynthia from Rugrats - screaming!

@jaclynforbes // Toronto, Ontario

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Okay, so where do I even begin. If you don't follow Toronto's Jaclyn Forbes you're missing out. One of my favourite humans in the entire world, Jaclyn is one of the most creative and multi-talented people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. From incredible looks, like the incredible Machinist creation that launched her as a finalist in the NYX Beauty Awards to more subtle looks that leave her glowing, you cannot go wrong giving her a follow.

@chiutips // Vancouver, British Columbia

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Jennifer Chiu from Vancouver, British Columbia is a skincare and makeup guru who posts incredible 'how to' and 'tips' videoes on her YouTube channel for her subscribers. Her tips range from things such as how to clear your skin of blemishes how to apply the perfect lip.

@sonjdradeluxe // Vancouver, British Columbia

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Sonjdra is a beauty influencer from Vancouver, British Columbia who is known for her thorough product reviews and tutorial videos. On top of her success on YouTube and Instagram, she has also released a lipstick with Mac Cosmetics! You have to love those Canadian collabs!

@ssssamanthaa // Vancouver, British Columbia

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Samantha Ravndahl from Vancouver, British Columbia is another well-known Canadian makeup artist in the global beauty community who has built a massive following of over 2.2 million on Instagram alone. Recently her content has become more lifestyle-focused, which has really allowed us to know more about her as a person. I'm forever a fan!

@jaimiepaigebeauty // Montreal, Quebec

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Jamie is a Montreal based beauty influencer who is known for her thorough and honest product reviews. One of my favourite things about Jamie is she really takes her subscribers into consideration for every video and post she publishes. One video that I'd highly recommend you all check out her video on testing out her subscriber's favourite drugstore makeup!

@kevikodra // Toronto, Ontario

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Kevin Kodra is a Toronto-based beauty influencer who recently broke the internet with his iconic grad photo. Kevin posts a ton of creative looks on his channel and plays an important role in reminding people that there is space for men in the makeup and beauty industry.

@diiam.ond // Calgary, Alberta

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Diamond is a Calgary-based makeup artist who has garnered up a following of almost 500,000 on Instagram. Not only does she post her own creative looks, but also uses her channel share flatlays of her favourite products.

@farahdhukai // Toronto, Ontario

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Farah is a Toronto-based beauty influencer who is one of Canada's best! With an enormous following over 6.5 million on Instagram alone, Farah uses her channel as a way to share unique beauty tricks with their followers that you really can't find anywhere else. For instance, if you're looking for some DIY eye patches to moisturize this winter check out this post.

@itslikelymakeup // Armstrong, British Columbia

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Jordi is a makeup artist that resides in Armstrong, British Columbia, which is about 5 hours from Vancouver. What makes Jordi unique in the beauty industry is the fact that she is cruelty-free and only creates looks using brands that do not test on animals.

@aankita.b // Toronto, Ontario

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Ankita is a content creator from Toronto, Ontario that uses her channel to show off her incredible and beautiful looks for her followers. As stated on her page, culture has a alrge influencer on the content she decides to create, which I think is a great reminder for all of to embrace who we are.

@lawrencialovette // Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Lawrencia is a Dominican-born influencer who resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She posts incredible tutorials on her Instagram of her personal beauty routine and also photos of her final looks.

@makeupbyalinna - Toronto, Ontario

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Alina is a Toronto-based beauty influencer known for her stunning eye looks. In addition, she also posts incredible photos inspired by things of Canada, such as this maple leaf!

@jadejanelle // Toronto, Ontario

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Jade Janelle is another Toronto-based beauty and lifestyle creator who also calls herself a media rebel. She posts tons of content on her channel relating to self-care, beauty, travel and food! She's the perfect person to follow this January if you're looking for a positive and creative person to add to your Instagram feed.

@ready.to.glow // Toronto, Ontario

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Hemali Mistry is from Toronto, Ontario and posts tons of her YouTube and Instagram about different tips and tricks for those interested in beauty and makeup. For instance, she recently posted a video on Instagram that shows you how to get the most out of your concealer.

@froartistry // Edmonton, Alberta

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Frouzan is an Edmonton-based beauty influencer, makeup artist and businesswoman who has racked up a following of over 300,000 on Instagram. If she isn't posting photos of your favourite looks or sharing tutorial videos for her subscribers, she's running her own company FroAristry that sells lashes named after her. We can't wait to see what else she launches!

@theblondemann - Brampton, Ontario

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Jessica Mann resides in Brampton, Ontario and is one of my favourite beauty influencers. Not only does she post amazing looks, but also shares her favourite makeup and skincare products for all of her followers. In addition to her amazing talent, she also shares motivational posts in relation to her anxiety.

@baileyvanderveen - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Bailey is a makeup artist and hair stylists from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bailey uses her channel to not only share her own stunning looks, but also incredible makeovers she provides for her clients. Also, I recently had a peek at Bailey's page and she's been posting more about her own food creations! Talk about a triple threat.

@amymacedo // Mississauga, Ontario 

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Amy Macedo is a beauty influencer and vlogger who resides in the GTA! Not only does she run a very successful Instagram channel, but has also grown an enormous following of almost 1,000,000 on YouTube. She uses her social media to share haul videos on her favourite beauty buys and clothes, show off her skincare and makeup routine, and also vlog about her weight loss journey.

@joellouzado // Toronto, Ontario

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Joel is a Toronto-based makeup artist and graphic designer who doesn't hesitate to show off his incredible creative talent. He posts amazing two-faced looks that will blow your mind. Oh, and did I mention his captions are hilarious? Make sure you check him out!