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25 Christmas Movies To Watch Up Until Christmas On Netflix Canada To Get In The Holiday Spirit

It's safe to say that the holiday season is one of the best times of the year. From local holiday markets to seasonal treats, there are tons of reasons to be excited about the holidays. Though one part of the season in specific that's especially fun is watching a good holiday movie or two. Thankfully, Netflix Canada has a ton of options to enjoy if you are looking to get in the festive spirit. 

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So if you are looking to enjoy a holiday movie every day up until the big day, we've got you covered! From holiday-themed romances to belly bursting comedies, we've compiled 25 of the best Netflix Canada holiday movies for you to ring in the Christmas season with! 

Love Actually

We might as well start off strong with one of the most iconic holiday titles there is when it comes to the festive season. Following the lives of several Brits throughout the holiday season, this movie deserves all the praise it gets considering you don't just get a heartwarming story but also a ton of laughs and even a few tear-jerking moments (happy ones, that is!)

The Holiday 

If you are looking for a flick that balances romance and comedy to a near T, The Holiday is the perfect movie for you. The story follows two women played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet where one is based in Los Angeles and the other in London. Both of them have gone through rough breakups near the holiday season so they decide to swap lives and move into each other's homes where they each find themselves caught up in whirlwind romances. The movie is as hilarious as it is heartwarming!

Just Friends 

While Once Upon A Deadpool is set to hit theatres this December, there is another movie from Ryan Reynolds' past that features his Deadpool-esc humour but has a more contemporary holiday flick storyline. In Just Friends, you watch Reynolds play a former fat kid in high school turned hot shot who returns home for the holidays to try and win over his high school crush.

Four Christmases 

Any late 2000's movie starring Vince Vaughn is a good one, and his holiday movie with Reese Witherspoon is no exception. Four Christmases follows a couple who spend each Christmas away on vacation in an effort to avoid their families. When their flight gets cancelled and their families find out about their excuses, they're forced to attend four family Christmases. As a result, you're taken through each insanely dysfunctional get-together with each one funnier than the one before it!

The Night Before 

The night before Christmas, three best friends come together for one last crazy drug-fulled night where they attempt to celebrate every religion's Winter holiday before they become real adults. Starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie and Mindy Kaling, this movie is way too funny to miss out on.

Office Christmas Party 

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in this holiday flick that follows employees who have had their company Christmas party cancelled by their boss. That is until they decide to turn it into an undercover rager in an attempt to win over some clients they invite in a last ditch effort to save the company. This movie is all kinds of crazy and hilarious in the best way possible!

Bad Santa 

Billy Thornton plays Willie, arguably the worst mall Santa there could ever be, but when a kid continues to visit him throughout the holiday season after being bullied, Willie decides to help him stand up for himself. In the end, they both learn something from each other in this hilarious but also heartwarming flick!

The Family Man 

The best way to describe The Family Man is that it's a twist on It's A Wonderful Life. The story follows Jack Campbell, an investment banker who thinks he has everything he wants but gets to experience what his life could have been if he married his high school sweetheart. The heartwarming flick set during the holiday season reminds you that money isn't everything.

Shrek The Halls 

What's funnier than watching Shrek attempt to hold his very first Christmas?! The animated favourite is perfect for all ages and is just as hilarious as the original series of movies, just with a holiday twist perfect to watch while you hide from the cold!

The Christmas Chronicles 

This latest Netflix Original starring Kurt Russell has been compared to the iconic Santa Claus series and is sure to warm your heart as well as earn a few laughs. The story follows Santa as he enlists the help of local children to help him save the holidays.

Holiday Breakup 

The Holiday Breakup follows a couple who have broken up right before the holiday season but decide to pretend to stay together in order to feel less victimized during the most romantic time of the year. The movie is as awkward as it is funny and for any fans of David Dobrik, this movie actually features Jason Nash, a frequent member of the Youtuber's vlogs.

Merry Kissmas

Merry Kissmas follows a woman who is dealing with a relationship that is losing its spark after pushing her holiday wedding back later in the year. While trying to figure out her feelings, she finds herself caught in a love triangle after meeting a caterer. As a result, you get to watch her attempt to choose between the perfect life or the perfect guy.

Christian Mingle 

If you are on a bit of a Mean Girls kick after watching Ariana Grande's Thank U, Next music video, you can watch Gretchen Weiners in action in her own holiday flick! Watch as she turns to Christian Mingle after being unsuccessful in finding love, even though she isn't Christian. She ends up finding a man she falls for but has to figure out how and when to tell the truth, and if he will still love her after what she's done.

A Holiday Engagement 

In an effort to fend off her family's questions during the holidays on why she is still single, Hillary decides to hire a man named David to come to her home for the holiday season to pose as her fiancé. Soon the charade turns into something real but Hillary has to find out if David feels the same way, or if he's just really good at his job.

A Christmas Prince 

Hailed as the worst movie from last Christmas, this movie is so unbelievably bad that it's good and you should take this holiday season as yet another excuse to watch it again. Viewers get to follow a writer who travels to Aldovia undercover to learn more about a controversial prince for a story but ends up falling for him.

Angel Of Christmas 

Angel of Christmas follows a woman whose family owns an angel Christmas tree topper that her parents believe is a magical heirloom that brings people together. While she isn't as convinced when she finds love with a man throughout the holiday season, she realizes maybe the magic of Christmas isn't so far-fetched after all.

Once Upon A Holiday 

If you are looking for a movie along the lines of The Princess Diaries but with a holiday twist, Once Upon a Holiday is perfect for you! The story follows a royal princess who runs away from the castle for a few days during the holidays to escape her obligations. In the process, she runs into a man who has no idea who she is and ends up falling in love.

Christmas Crush 

Yet another Mean Girls alumni can be spotted on this list but this time it's none other than Aaron Samuels! While Jonathan Bennet plays Ben, the love interest yet again, in this movie he is at a holiday school reunion where Georgia, a 28-year-old fashion designer, is torn between earning the love of her old fling Craig back or discovering a love she never knew was there before.

Christmas Inheritance 

If you are in the mood for a heartwarming cheesy flick, definitely add Christmas Inheritance to your list. The movie follows a trust fund child who in an attempt to show her father she is ready to inherit the CEO position of his company, returns to Snow Falls, the town where it all began to give some letters to his brother. In the process, she gets stranded in the town as a result of a snowstorm and learns that the high life isn't the only way to be happy, and must choose between the man she meets and falls for in Snow Falls or the man she has back at home.

Christmas Ranch 

Lizzy, who gets kicked out of her own house for Christmas is left to spend the holidays with her grandmother on her ranch. While she initially hates it, she begins to love the ranch and is heartbroken when she discovers it will soon be shut down because her grandmother can't afford to keep it running. As a result, viewers get to watch Lizzy attempt to save the ranch in this heartwarming flick!

The Princess Switch 

The Princess Switch follows Vanessa Hudgens who plays two different characters who are doppelgangers of each other, where one is a baker and the other is royalty. When the baker is invited into the castle to compete in a competition and meets her look alike, they both decide to swap lives for a few days and in the process fall for the men they meet.

Dear Santa 

This movie follows a woman named Crystal who comes across a little girl's letter to Santa where she asks for him to make her father happy again after dealing with the loss of his wife. Crystal takes the letter as a sign that she is meant to fall in love with this man so she sets out to find the pair and finds herself in an unlikely romance.

The Holiday Calendar 

This Netflix Original follows Kat Graham, known for her role on The Vampire Diaries, as Abby when she realizes the advent calendar her grandfather gave her is magical. As a result, she earns several gifts such as a new job opportunity and even a chance at love throughout the holiday season.

You Can't Fight Christmas

This flick follows a family run hotel that relishes in the Christmas spirit but as a result of falling attendance, a Scrooge of an executive comes in and demands an overhaul. In an attempt to show the true meaning of Christmas and save the hotel, the workers band together to show the beauty of Christmas and family.

Christmas Wedding Planner 

Remember The Wedding Planner starring Jennifer Lopez? Think of this as the Christmas version with a twist that follows a planner named Kelsey who is planning her cousin's wedding. While everything is initially going smoothly, a private investigator shows up and attempts to overthrow Kelsey's plans for his own investigation. The pair ends up banding together and in the process fall in love.