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28 Cheap Travel Destinations For 2018

Here's your chance to actually see the world.
28 Cheap Travel Destinations For 2018

Travel is one of the most liberating things in the world. Whatever crappy things are going on in your life whether it's been stressful at work, there's drama in your friend group, or you've been having relationship problems, you can fix all of it by escaping to a far away land. 

All you have to do is choose your destination, hop on a plane and your problems will disappear into thin air, at least until you come back to reality. 

That may be the dream for most of us right now since school started, the weather's getting colder and the sky is getting darker every day and we know winter is going to creep up on us. The only thing to make travelling simple is for it to actually be AFFORDABLE! These are the cheapest destinations in every continent! 

Travel Destinations In Asia 🌴

Travel Destinations In Europe 🥂

Travel Destinations In South America 🌞

Travel Destinations In Oceania 🌈

Travel Destinations In Africa 🐘

Travel Destinations North America 🌊

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Travel Destinations In Asia 🌴


Cheapest Meal: $3.80

Cheapest Beer: $1.15

India is ranked the second cheapest country in the world to visit right now after Egypt. This is absolutely the most affordable country to visit in all of Asia if you're planning your 2018 vacation. You can visit bustling fruit markets, bask in the beauty of the Taj Mahal and Delhi's Red Fort!

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Cheapest Meal: $2.40

Cheapest Beer: $3

This Himalayan country in South Asia has so many things to offer in addition to being incredibly affordable for tourists. You can visit the bustling city of Kathmandu, visit the Pashupatinath Temple, and the Chitwan National Park with amazing natural wonders.

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-Sri Lanka 

Cheapest Meal: $2

Cheapest Beer: $2.85

The island of Sri Lanka is filled with some of the most beautiful nature you'll see in your entire life. The landscapes here are so diverse that you'll go from lush rainforests to grassy highlands to sandy beaches in a matter of minutes. You can visit the Dambulla Cave Temple, Horton Plains National Park or take a train ride through Ella for stunning views!

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Cheapest Meal: $3.05

Cheapest Beer: $1.20

The Southeast Asian country of the Philippines offers amazing beaches, hidden rainforest waterfalls, great local cuisines, and stunning architecture. You can hang out on the beaches of Borocay, bask in the beauty of the Banaue Rice Terraces, visit the active Mayon Volcano and go scuba diving and see unreal sea creatures!

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Cheapest Meal: $2.20

Cheapest Beer: $1.10

This Asian country is located on the South China Sea and is home to a rich culture and bustling cities. You can visit the temples in Ho Chi Minh City, relax on the beaches of Phu Quoc, go boating at Ha Long Bay and explore the Phong Nha Cave.

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Travel Destinations In Europe 🥂


Cheapest Meal: $14

Cheapest Beer: $2.65

Spain is known for it's fun and lively culture, ridiculously flavourful food, and sangria, lots of sangria! Visit Leon for it's stunning cathedrals, Ibiza for a crazy party scene, and Barcelona to enjoy the most amazing food and drinks!

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Cheapest Meal: $8.20

Cheapest Beer: $1.55

Albania probably isn't the first place that comes to mind when you think European vacation, but it actually has some of the most stunning beaches in the entire continent. You can visit the Sarande Beach or Ksamil Beach, visit the shimmering Lake Ohrid, and the Rozafa Castle!

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Cheapest Meal: $6.80

Cheapest Beer: $2.40

The Eastern European country of Poland is definitely one of the most affordable destinations in Europe for tourists. The capital of Warsaw is known for it's shopping and nightlife, Krakow is known for it's medieval castles and squares!

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Cheapest Meal: $7.50

Cheapest Beer: $1.50

Bulgaria is known for it's rugged coastal terrain and rich cultural cities all mixed into one amazing country. You can explore the natural wonders of Seven Rila Lakes, visit the stunning Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, and the limestone cliffs of the Emen Canyon!

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Cheapest Meal: $11.75

Cheapest Meal: $2.20

The Southern country of Portugal is located right next to Spain on the Atlantic Ocean. Visit the colourful Pena Palace, the rolling vineyards in Douro, and the landmark of Belem Tower!

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Travel Destinations In South America 🌞


Cheapest Meal: $4

Cheapest Beer: $1.50

The country of Ecuador is definitely the cheapest destination in South America but it also has the most to offer! You can stay in the bustling city of Quito visiting fruit markets, hike volcanoes, and explore the amazing outdoor activities available in Banos!

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Cheapest Meal: $6.30

Cheapest Beer: $3.60

The country of Bolivia has so much to offer visitors. You can explore the Amazon Rainforest, take a creative picture at the Uyuni Salt Flats, hike snowy mountains, and explore Lake Titicaca!

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Cheapest Meal: $2.85

Cheapest Beer: $3.05

Peru is one of the most thrilling destinations in all of South America. You can hike to Machu Picchu on the infamous Inca Trail, explore the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, visit the Moray Inca site, and explore the bustling cities of Lima and Cuscu!


Cheapest Meal: $4.25

Cheapest Beer: $1.05

Bogota is home to some amazing sights and experiences. You can visit Coffee Country to taste some of the freshest coffee you'll ever have, walk by the super tall palm trees in Cocora Valley, hike and swim in Tayrona National Park, and wander through the streets of Old Town Cartagena!

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Cheapest Meal: $9.85

Cheapest Beer: $2.95

The country of Chile is sometimes overlooked but it offers some of the most unique nature you'll ever experience. Take a few days to explore the beauty of Patagonia, the El Tatio hot spring and the Torres Del Paine National Park!

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For Travel Destinations In Oceania 🌈


Cheapest Meal: $16.50

Cheapest Beer: $6.85

Australia is known for the amazing Great Barrier Reef, the insane things they can do with desserts, their super fun accents and Kangaroos, obviously. It's not necessarily cheap to travel here but it's a once in a lifetime experience!

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-New Zealand 

Cheapest Meal: $16.98

Cheapest Beer: $6.50

Everyone knows that New Zealand is not only filled with breathtaking nature but they're also home to some of the friendliest people in the world! Have some crazy adventures in Queenstown, bask in the beauty of Milford Sound, spend the night in a hobbit home and kayak through the Bay of Islands!

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Cheapest Meal: $4.50

Cheapest Beer: $2.15

Everyone thinks of Fiji as a far-off dream world filled with pristine beaches and the clearest water you've ever seen. And that's exactly what it is! But travelling there isn't as unattainable as it may seem. Once you get there the food and drinks are pretty affordable and you'll be pampered in paradise!

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Cheapest Meal: $5.80

Cheapest Beer: $2.35

If you're going to visit the magical land of Samoa you're in for an absolute treat because you're going to find some of the most breathtaking natural wonders here. Explore hidden grottos, snorkel in bright the blue waters of Upolu and relax on the secluded beaches.

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Cheapest Meal: $5.80

Cheapest Beer: $3.80

The magical world of Tonga offers some gorgeous things to do and explore. You can snorkel through coral reefs, swim with humpback whales, and hike through lush rain forests!

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Travel Destinations In Africa 🐘


Cheapest Meal: $4.25

Cheapest Beer: $1.75

Egypt is an amazing place to visit and incredibly affordable for tourists right now. You can visit the pyramids in Giza, visit the temples and tombs in Luxor, and enjoy the bustling city life of Cairo!

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Cheapest Meal: $3.95

Cheapest Beer: $3.95

Morocco is a beautiful country in Northeast Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It's filled with bustling markets selling spices, ceramics, jewelry and lanterns. You can visit the Ouzoud waterfalls, the stunning blue city of Chefcaouan, and hike the Toubkal mountain!

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Cheapest Meal: $11

Cheapest Beer: $2.25

Senegal is located on the West African coast and it has a rich French colonial history and breathtaking natural wonders. You can visit the bustling city of Dakar known for it's lively nightlife, the stunning pink Lake Retba and the House Of Slaves Museum.

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Cheapest Meal: $2.20

Cheapest Beer: $2.50

Tanzania is located in East Africa and is known for it's vast desserts and rich wildlife. Visit the Serengeti National Park to see this elephants, lions, giraffes, hippos and more in their natural habitats, if you're brave hike Mount Kilimanjaro, or visit the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

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-South Africa

Cheapest Meal: $9.15

Cheapest Beer: $2.75

South Africa is at the Southernmost tip of the African continent and is home to some amazing nature! Visit Table Mountain National Park to see stunning views from above the city of Cape Town, Krugar National Park for wildlife, and so much more!

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Travel Destinations In North America 🌊


Cheapest Meal: $6.25

Cheapest Beer: $1.70

Everyone knows Mexico is a dream destination if you're looking for a paradise vacation that's pretty affordable. All you have to do here is lounge on the white sandy beaches, drink fruity drinks, eat amazing food and maybe take a few fun excursions!

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-Costa Rica 

Cheapest Meal: $8.95

Cheapest Beer: $3.25

Costa Rica is a gorgeous country filled with rain forests, relaxing beaches, hidden waterfalls and so much more! Visit Maneul Antonio National Park for amazing wildlife and white sandy beaches, Arenal Volcano, or the bustling city of San Jose!

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Cheapest Meal: $4.85

Cheapest Beer: $2.90

Jamaica luckily escaped the worst parts of the hurricane that passed through the Caribbean a few weeks ago so it's still open for tourism. Visit Dunn's River Falls, the Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Blue Mountains National Park, and Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay!

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